Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

As most of you know, I lost my sister last Wednesday. As a result, I'm not exactly prepared to post today, my regular post day. I wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone. We really appreciate our regular readers and welcome our new readers.

I wanted to post about a holistic clinic I took my horse to last week, but I think I'll postpone that for my next post. In the meantime, if you have had any experience with holistic healing (this particular clinic was emotional healing for horses), I would love to hear your impressions. I have mixed feelings about it. I guess you could say that the jury is still out.

On a postitive note, my first two published books are now availalble in print on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

You can access the buy links on my website at

Or you can find them on Amazon at:

The Dance

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?

Thanks for stopping by and check in later for my post regarding my experience with holistic emotional healing for horses.


Mary Paine said...

Hi Jami,

Take care of yourself & I'll be back to check out your post on holistic healing. Congratulations on the release of your two books. I looked at them on Amazon and they're climbing the rankings quickly. They're wonderful books!


Mrs. Mom said...

I am looking forward to your holistic healing post Jami. This is something that I am recently developing a strong interest in. Any chance to hear more, from someone who has attended a clinic, will be fantastic!

Laura Crum said...

Jami, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I just got back from vacation and am slowly catching up on all the posts. Good wishes