Friday, August 14, 2009

Hi Everybody!

Well, looks like I won't be resuming my riding career right away. The physical therapy on my back didn't quite do the job so they sent me for an MRI and now have a new plan in place that hopefully will get me 100%. In the meantime, I'm grounded.

I was still able to go on vacation with my family to Chicago. Yeah! It was desperately needed. Besides three times a week PT my daughter has reached the age of 'I need to be an adult' regardless of the fact that she's seven. Two days before we left for Chicago she wanted to sit in the front seat. I calmly explained that this was not safe (or legal). She complied, but grumbled on the way to the back of the minivan "I thought this was a free country." Definitely time for a vacation for Mom.

My kids generally very well behaved, although when we first arrived at the hotel my daughter climbed on the low counter next to where I was checking us in. I asked her to get down, explaining that seven year olds know better. Whereupon my three year old jumped up there and shouted to everyone in the lobby "I'm only three so I'm not supposed to know better." To a background of everyone's uproarious laughter I managed to get him down and check us in while my husband and an erstwhile hotel employee struggled with the mountain of luggage traveling with three small children invariably entails.

It's been a whirlwind of double decker bus tours, Shedd Aquarium, Sears Tower (I hung back quietly so as not to share my slight fear of heights with the next generation), and Navy Pier. We have two exhausted adults and three elated children!Even with all the fun and distraction, I'm still missing being around horses. After a morning of shopping at American Girl Place and The Disney Store while my husband stayed at the hotel with one of the kids who wasn't feeling well,(I think my credit card is still sizzling, by the way), I staggered out onto Michigan Avenue laden down with packages & wondered how I was going to heft them and still hang onto my bouncing brood. In a moment of inspiration (probably born of desperation), I suggested a carriage ride.

I was rescued from further back problems from the weight of my childrens' purchases by a lovely man named Gus and his grey Syd. My rescuers came complete with a white carriage with red velvet seats. After I thankfully climbed aboard, I relaxed back and contentedly listened to the wonderful sound of hooves against the pavement. Syd thoughtfully took us all the way to the door of our hotel (my hero). When we disembarked from our lovely carriage I gave the driver a handsome tip, then added three more dollars and asked him to buy some carrots since I didn't have any with me. Happily, he agreed to honor this horse crazy lady's request.

I resisted the urge to throw my arms around Syd just to inhale that wonderful scent of horse and took my kids inside. If there's such a thing as equine withdrawl, I have it, but a terrific vacation is a great balm.

Hope everyone's having a terrific August.


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