Sunday, March 14, 2010

Updates from Jami

I wanted to drop by with a short post.

First of all, if you're interested in reading updates regarding Courtney King-Dye, you can go to this link:

Her husband has been updating it regularly.

Also, I've been riding Gailey as if there's nothing wrong with her. She is going better than she has in a long time and remembers all her "tricks" such as changes, half-passes, shoulder-in, haunches-in, extensions. She just has this BIG leg. I'm open for suggestions on what to do about it. My trainer thinks that even if I did show her, that I'd risk being rung out of the ring from that big leg, even though she's sound on it. In fact, she's sounder than she's been in a long time. According to my horseshoer, he thinks that in a strange way the swelling is giving support to her stretched suspensories. Here's a current picture of her leg.

Her cellulites has turned into Lymphangitis. I'd be willing to try any treatment. One friend told me to put rubbing alcohol on her leg and massage it until the alcohol is dry.

I need to call my vet tomorrow to see what else we can do. Her leg is the same size it's been since December.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We took a weekend trip to Port Townsend and are heading home this morning.


Laura Crum said...

Jami--I went to Courtney's webpage, and realized, which I didn't know, what a hard road this woman has had for the last year. First the Olympic scandal, which appears to be entirely not her fault, then losing the horse that took her there, and now this terrible injury. I will hold good thoughts for her recovery. I may even take your advice and buy a helmet in her honor. What a sad thing.

About showing your mare--would it be possible to explain to a judge in advance about the leg and get permission to show her as is, or is that not done?

Linda Benson said...

Hi Jami - First let me say I'm so glad that Gailey is riding sound. That, in itself, must be a huge relief. It appears that she is talented, and I know that you would like to continue to show her. I had the same thought as Laura. Perhaps if you get a letter from your vet declaring that your horse is riding or servicebly sound, then you might be able to set it up ahead of time, and be allowed to show her anyway. You could certainly try.

Who knows - Gailey might become a poster child for equine cellulitis/lymphangitis, a condition many of us know little about. (And you might even write an article for Equus magazine about what you are going through with her.) Good luck, Jami, and I hope she continues to improve.

Shanster said...

Hi Jami - I'm so glad that Gailey is sound and she is feeling well! I'd been thinking of you two.

I hope you can find something that will help to help bring down that leg... thanks for the update!

Topaz said...

I found with Fudge (who also had lymphangitis) that putting her in a standing wrap when she wasn't out in the pasture or being ridden helped quite a bit at keeping the swelling down. A lot of people have had good luck with it which is why I tried it. Also, lots of exercise. Some of the horses I read about were still shown in the hunter ring with their big fat legs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is somehow related to Chronic Progressive Lymphedema that occurs in draft horses. After reading your posts, I've heard a couple of people complaining of having horses with this.

Heather Powell said...

The 'big leg' that sometimes follows lymphangitis is lymphoedema. The lymphatic vessels have been damaged and can no longer adequately transport fluid from the tissues. CPL is also lymphoedema but has a different cause. They are controlled in the same way, with combined decongestive therapy.