Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Even Famous Horses Wear Grazing Muzzles

Some of you will remember the post (click here for the link) about my donkey, Josie, and the contraption she wears out in the pasture to keep her from another bout of laminitis. It's called a grazing muzzle. Well, Josie is in good company. Here's a picture of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Funny Cide wearing one.

Funny Cide, a 16.2 hand gelding and now ten years old, won the 2003 Kentucky Derby by one and 3/4 lengths, and the Preakness by almost ten lengths. That was something to watch. He came in third in the Belmont that year, and narrowly missed being a Triple Crown winner. After a race career winning over three million dollars, he went on to have a second career as a pony horse for trainers Barclay Tagg and Robin Smullen. Now Funny Cide can be seen at Kentucky Horse Park, where his grazing muzzle will keep him not only from getting laminitis but also getting chubby on all that grass.

Thought you might enjoy this picture. Funny Cide looks about as thrilled with his grazing muzzle as Josie does. Happy Munching, everyone, and no overeating!


Shanster said...

This is great - thanks for the smile today.. the look on his face is classic!

Anonymous said...

We tried one on our pony Norman, but darn it if he wouldn't get it off every time! He would even go so far as to pull it off on the fence or but it off on other horses! I'm considering muzzles for Dawn and Maisie, who both tend to get fat, but our grass needs to be mowed more consistently for that to work.

Linda Benson said...

Shanster - that picture made me smile, too.

Kate - Norman sounds like one smart pony. And yes, the grazing muzzle works better for the short grass (assuming you want them to graze a tiny bit) because they have to push it against the ground in order to get a little bite between their teeth. Doesn't work too well in the tall grass.

Supposedly they can drink with it on, but Josie hasn't really got that comfortable with hers, so I only leave it on her for short periods when I turn her out.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Funny Cide sure looks like an easy keeper! Even with the muzzle he's looking good in retirement. I like the way he matured.

Unknown said...

I heard they told him it would keep the mares interested.

I think he's caught on, though. :)