Monday, September 5, 2011

The Girl Who Remembered Horses

by Linda Benson

Exciting News! My novel THE GIRL WHO REMEMBERED HORSES has been accepted by Musa Publishing for their brand new YA imprint and will be out very soon. The tentative release date is November 11, 2011 for e-book, with paper book coming (hopefully) soon after.

Here is a short synopsis:

Several generations into the future, Sahara travels with her clan in a barren environment where recyclables are bartered for sustenance, and few remember horses or their connection to humans. But Sahara has recurring visions of riding astride on magnificent animals that run like the wind. With the help of Evan, a young herder from the Gardener’s Camp, Sahara discovers a crumbling book containing pictures of humans riding horses and learns her visions are real. Confronting a group of hunters led by hot-headed Dojo, Sahara rescues a wounded horse, but the animal escapes before it can be tamed.
Sahara is labeled a foolish dreamer and almost gives up her quest. Following horse tracks into a remote ravine, she finds wild dogs attacking a dying mare, and must drive them off in order to save the foal. Now she must not only attempt to raise it, but finally convince her clan of the ancient bond between horses and humans.

THE GIRL WHO REMEMBERED HORSES is a speculative fiction novel, but is not a fantasy. I tried hard to make the horse details as real as possible. It was inspired by a college research project on women and their obsession with horses, as well as the changing status of horses today as we become a more urban society.

This book is a labor of love and very dear to my heart, and I am so excited! Just wanted to share the news. Also, The Girl Who Remembered Horses has a Facebook Page already 
If you want to stop by and "like" it, you'll get all the newest details, including cover art, which I haven't even seen yet!

Question - How many of you have an e-reader? You'll get first peek at this book!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting news - congratulations!

Francesca Prescott said...

I'm so excited for you! Congratulations; I look forward to reading this. I don't have an ereader...well, actually I do, I have a Sony e-reader I bought for a fortune a few years ago, used about three times, and for which I seem to have lost all the cables. And I can't remember how it works, either. Shall I buy a Kindle? Are they good? Are they easy to use? What do you suggest?

Linda Benson said...

Thanks for the congrats! Francesca - I don't even own an e-reader myself! Guess I'll have to buy one now - the joke's on me! *grin*

Natalie Keller Reinert said...

This sounds sooooo good. I'm excited.

I don't own an e-reader, but I read things on my Mac or my BlackBerry all the time!

@Francesca, I'd go with a Nook Color from Barnes & Noble. It's really a small tablet with functionality similar to that of an iPad, for a much lower pricetag.

Becky said...

Congratulations! That is exciting news. I'm looking forward to reading this story. I don't have an e-reader, but I have the Kindle for the PC. I normally use my PC to read e-books.

Linda Benson said...

Becky - thank you, and thanks for mentioning that. You can actually download the Nook or Kindle for free on your computer and read an e-book there. It's pretty easy to do.

Jen said...

That sounds wonderful! I finally got my hands on a Kindle... in addition to several large bookcases crammed full of books *laugh* (I'm a self-confessed bibliophile ;o)

Chelsie said...

That's great; Congratulations! I, sadly, don't have an e-reader yet. I am thinking about getting a kindle though.