Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Still Horses

by Linda Benson

We finally got settled in our new place (well, sort of . . .) and I've been thinking a lot about choices in life. As a writer, and as a creative person, my surroundings are important to me. I cannot imagine living in the middle of a city, with lots of people and traffic. Some people crave that. For me, I crave peace, and trees, and quiet. In fact, one of my goals that I set for myself when I became an adult was:

Always Live Somewhere Pretty. (and I have been lucky enough to do this!)

Another requirement that I had was to live in a place where I could have my horses with me, and have the availability of great places to ride right outside my door. This, too, I've always had.

This time, however, we moved with no livestock, and I didn't need horse trails outside my door. I did, however, still need quiet, trees, and good trails to walk with my dogs. And we found that!

As an added bonus, I have friendly horses right next door to visit. Beautiful scenery:

Thousands of wildflowers on the hill above me, all getting ready to bloom, and a new writing studio - all my own:

I think I'll have plenty of inspiration, don't you?

And if I need a horse, all I have to do is walk across our property and wrap my arms around one.

Because the outside of a horse - is still good for the inside of this woman.


Laura Crum said...

I hope your new home brings you much joy.

Linda Benson said...

Thank you, Laura. Although there is snow in the mountains around us, Spring is just around the corner. I can hardly wait to see what comes up naturally, and then add my own touches to Nature's garden. It's a beautiful spot!

Alison said...

Linda -- please post more pics. I'd love to hear where you finally settled, too, and how the move was and if you are closer to your daughter and how did all the animals move?