Saturday, December 28, 2013

Practical and Happy New Year's Resolutions

 I know I need to wish for peace and prosperity and the end of racism, pollution and educational SOLs.  And I do, really, want the best for the world but more practical resolutions are also on my mind and since they are often the same ones I make every year, they may be as difficult to conquer as peace and good will.

Promotional Resolutions:  What happened to marketing in 2013? Nothing. I did zip. That has to change if I am going to retire on royalties (kind of the same myth as Santa Claus). My website has not been updated for a year so my new book isn't even featured. Shame on me! So resolution #1 is putting more effort into marketing.  

Writing Resolutions:  I do fine with deadlines and books under contract. But I have a great, finished novel that is sitting in my computer. Just sitting. Why? Because an editor liked it and gave me revision ideas. I was busy with another book and with antiquing and with life and couldn't muster the energy to revise. No more excuses. Remembering Kate is worthy of a shot, at least, at being published. So get with it, me.

Family Resolutions: Loving my animals and family MORE!  My horses have gotten the short end of the stick this year. They are still healthy and as my husband says "I doubt Relish cares if he gets ridden," but I love horses too much to stop riding forever. Ziggy and Fang get plenty of attention, but like all little dogs, they are bottomless pits of love.  My son, daughter and husband are the greatest so I resolve to tell all family members how much I appreciate them.

Home Resolutions: Clean up my office! This is the hardest resolution to keep, yet should be the easiest.

Ya'll Resolutions: This resolution is for co-workers, students, grocery store clerks, friends, customers, waitresses and everyone in the world I come in contact with every day. I promise to be patient and kind and say 'thank you' for doing a great job. And for all Equestrian Ink bloggers and followers thank you for your input, great ideas, reviews, photos, fun posts and comments.  Have a terrific, productive and healthy 2014!


Laura Crum said...

Thank you, Alison. And the same to you. Lovely resolutions...I may adopt them myself. Happy New Year!

Alison said...

Have a great New Year, Laura and family, and keep writing great books!