Friday, January 24, 2014

A January Full of Snow!

Like most horse people this winter (except for those fortunate souls in CA or FL) I have been dealing with frigid weather, snow and animals. Fortunately, Bell and Relish have thick fur, a roomy, dry run-in shed, and a huge pasture with a stream that never freezes. Call that LUCKY because frozen hoses and water troughs are miserable when you're working outside in five below wind and snow.
The only problem has been packed hooves, but since they are not the types to run and play in the snow, it doesn't appear to bother them.  And unlike cattle, they continue to paw at the covered grass and graze.

The little dogs are not so happy. We plowed the drive and I shoveled a path into the woods so they can run in and do their business. But their tiny paws stick to the ice and gravel and they shiver despite their coats. It's comical watching them shake their feet as they try and walk, but I know how miserable they are, so I  try not to laugh. They've gotten the idea to do their "good boy" jobs quickly and scoot back into the house. Even the cat, Chuck, with his glossy, dense coat has spent most of his time inside.

I have missed my long walks each day, but I know that warmer weather will be here soon and we will get back in the habit. Meanwhile there are so many indoor jobs that I am tackling including the proposal for the yet to be named book about dogs working in the coal mines.  What's weird is I am not teaching this semester due to low enrollment at the community college. NO PAYCHECK. Yet I must have needed a break since I am not missing it.

How are you surviving the snow and cold?  I love this sculpture that someone more talented than I created. Hopefully, I can start at least one of the craft projects I have been dreaming about using vintage items like Scrabble tiles and an old framed screen. Not nearly as wonderful as the horse sculpture, but fun.

I'd love to hear about trials and tribulations and how ya'll are surviving your own weather!


Laura Crum said...

We have drought--lovely weather--warm, sunny days, but no precipitation at all. So everything is dry and dusty and there is no grass. At the moment, my horse keeping is easy because no mud, but there are huge problems coming if it doesn't rain soon. Like there will be no hay. And it is very depressing to see the garden so bare and dusty at a time of year when it is usually lush and green. So yeah, we all have our problems, I guess. Hope you get to your craft projects!

Alison said...

I could tell by your last post that you were worried about rain. It's always something when you don't live in an apartment. (I imagine apartment dwellers have their own set of problems!)

I'll do a rain dance for you guys in CA.

White Horse Pilgrim said...

Laura, I think that the rain you're missing has come here. It seems to rain every day, everywhere is mud, low-lying land is flooded. It's a bad situation for farmers with winter crops sown. I was looking at photos from a year ago - snow! I doubt we shall see any this year.

Laura Crum said...

WHP--I sure wish we could divide your rain between us. Better by far for both of us. But that's the thing about the weather--its always interesting...and it doesn't care about our wishes. I'm wishing you some of our warm, sunny days, anyway.