Sunday, April 20, 2014


                                                            by Laura Crum

            Spring has really sprung in my garden, and everything is blooming…which makes me very happy.


            I am currently completely absorbed in my most recent (and most ambitious) garden project. Digging a BIG hole in a perfectly good driveway.

            In the end it’s meant to be a pool, lined with natural stone, where the water is filtered and cleaned by water lilies and reeds rather than chlorine. Because we have a small place, it will be a small pool, more of a water hole, really. But big enough to get in. And just in scale with our very small houses (750 sq feet and 550 sq feet, respectively).

            So, I am not riding much right now. But I hope to get back to it when the pool is finished and see a few more views like this one (from our ride last week).

            As for the rest of you, I hope you are seeing many lovely views through the ears, and I wish you a very happy Easter and a happy spring. Cheers--Laura


Anonymous said...

Cant wait see it!This may sound crazy but I would love to see a floor plan for your 2 little houses!Is the second 1 a guest house?I have an old farmhouse built in 1920s.If anything ever happened to it I would do something very small.Im about 1200 feet right now

Laura Crum said...

Laverne--Well, we designed and built the two little houses ourselves (with the help of a construction crew). The floor plans for each are quite different. It is a long, long story how they evolved to be what they are, but I'll shorten it up to the fact that we built a 650 sq foot house--one bedroom, one bathroom, and a living room/kitchen/office room. This is the house that Gail lives in in the later books in my mystery series. It's very much as it is described in the books.

Our 650 sq foot house was fine for a couple, but a little tight for a family of three. So we built the second little house (550 sq feet). We did this rather than expanding the first house because we like little houses. And it's actually a very practical arrangement. This second little house is described in the last book of my mystery series, Barnstorming.

A couple of years ago we added a 100 sq foot sitting room area to our very tiny bedroom, which made the room much more comfortable. So overall, we have about your same 1200 sq feet. I have lived in a couple of 1200 sq foot 1920's farm houses in my life, and I really liked them, by the way.

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

It's spring for sure here, because today I saw three horny toads!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Laura Crum said...

Yay for the horny toads! All my little lizards are out and about, too.

Alison said...

My next blog is going to be a springtime one like yours! Finally, it's here!