Monday, November 3, 2014


Laura wrote in her last post that she has been overwhelmed with responsibilities. Gayle and Linda are great about posting, but Natalie couldn't post on her day because she has been too busy. Terri we haven't heard from since her last great trekking adventure (it seems like that was the last time) and 'Cesca, well, where have you gone???

Life has gotten complex, harried and busy for everyone I know.  My girlfriends and I finally got together for lunch after trying to coordinate schedules.  The days I work were their days off and vice versa.  When we do get together we promise it needs to be more often. But now the holidays are rolling around and there will be no time once again.

There is a billboard on my way to one of my jobs (register gal at an antique shop) that basically says "No time for a mammogram?  Then how will you fit cancer into your life?"  It makes me pause every time I pass by (effective advertising) because I avoid fitting a mammogram into my day.  I forget to smell the roses, I don't sit down long enough to read a good book, I leave the wash in the machine, I misplace my to-do lists, I forget the tick meds until I find a tick on the dogs, I don't brush manes until there's a burr, and I wait until the last minute for deadlines.  These are just a few.

So after this rant, I am simply adding some photos (many off Google, of course, since I don't have time to take my own) that perhaps will make you pause and smile and even smell the roses.

Love the curious expressions --and what fun these guys must be having! 
Fang sharing a good book, This photo always makes me laugh. 

We actually did get an afternoon drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway
My gorgeous daughter and her equally adorable friend. 
So to all of you who are as harried and harassed as I am, good luck finding time to enjoy life and savor the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday! 

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Linda Benson said...

Thank you, Alison, for the reminder. Great pictures. Love the horses in the water. Yes, everyone seems to be in a hurry these days, but life goes by so fast. I do try and take some time everyday to walk around our property and just breathe. Enjoy every moment. And darn it, girl - go get a mammogram! :-)