Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Know, No Posts

                                                by Laura Crum

            Once again, my apologies to those who liked to read my blog posts. My life has just been so busy lately. Many new projects, much change-- very engaging, but no time to write.

            But magic is real. I’ve written about this so many times—I don’t really have any new words for you. Watching the almost full moon rise behind the big eucalyptus tree on a gloriously warm September evening, my heart is full. It amazes me that after all I have been through I can feel this way as I look at the moon. Or perhaps it is because of all I have been through?

In any case I sit by my pond and drink whiskey and soda in the evening, watching dragonflies and the light change in the sky, and feel content. And I'm grateful for that.

            On a warm, moonless night I sat by the pond and watched Orion rise above the eastern ridge and stride across the dark three AM sky. Twice I saw shooting stars. And yes, I wished.

            A friend gave me a lovely book—“Tamalpais Walking”—a collaboration between the woodblock print artist Tom Killion (I have several of his prints here on my walls) and the poet Gary Snyder. I highly recommend this book. And I’m going to close this brief blog post with some quotes from the book that touched me. Most of them are by Gary Snyder.

            “Not even once,” someone said, “can you step in the same river.” Landscape with nuance.

            Every night the drama will have new turns and meanings. One who learns this will never be bored.

            Nature, not in the abstract, but (like anybody) a kind of being actually there to respond to being seen in the moment. Gratitude to the particular is never in vain. Relationship to place is real, not as an idea but as a way.

            “All paths lead nowhere, so choose a path with heart.” Don Juan

            “A way that can be followed is not the ultimate way.”

            We don’t play music to get to the end of it. Or make love to go to sleep (I hope). Or meditate and study to become enlightened. Realization or somesuch might come along, but suppose it doesn’t? So what? Basho said, “The journey is home.”

            May we all find the Bay Mountain that gives us a crystal moment of being and a breath of the sky, and only asks us to hold the whole world dear.


Val said...

I am glad your heart is full!

Laura Crum said...

Thanks, Val. I appreciate the kind thought.

Unknown said...

Beautiful. ..thanks for these gems.

Martine said...

Funny, I've had the expression "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey" in my head for a couple of weeks now. It's good to remember this. The Gary Snyder quotes are worth holding on to, too.
Your pond still looks wonderful.

Laura Crum said...

Thank you Unknown and Tails FromProvence. I have to add, looking at that book yesterday evening (waiting for the eclipse of the moon), I saw another great quote. "If a path that can be followed is not the true path, why do Bears shit right on the trail?" This was attributed to "M.G." Does anybody know if it is a quote from Mahatma Ghandi (sp?) ?

Mary said...

Laura, this is truly beautiful. It is so nice to read your words. I too have been through some very dark times, but I am slowly getting back to the "present". Not ready to blog, but Freddy is alive and well and keeps me moving forward. Love to you!