Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Exciting Life . . . Not

My life is, well, boring. Busy but boring. And at my advanced, creaky-kneed age, I am happy for the UNeventful days. That doesn't say I don't do A LOT. I write, teach, volunteer, travel some to promote books, take care of animals and home, ride, garden, read . . . All of these activities take planning, time, creativity and thought but lately, none have been blog-worthy or discussion-worthy. Sigh. So what am I going to write about this week?

Sometimes equine or writing-related topics, which I think others might be interested in, hit me before it's my turn to post. Other times, not. Today is one of those days. My kids are here for the weekend for their dad's birthday and both are healthy and thriving in school and jobs. My horses are winter-ready with thick coats and a hay-stocked run in-shed. I have even ridden all week in the chilly but clear weather. My dogs are lyme-free with all their shots up to date. Dozer, our old Lab, is happy on two types of pain pills for his own creaky joints, and has even joined Jake, Fang and me on a few walks. The cats are, well, cats.

Teaching and volunteering continue to challenge me and feed my need to give back to others. Writing is going okay. The fever to write and publish that bestseller or Newbery winner has changed into a quiet joy in having written a body of works that I am proud of. The house is getting as old as I am and needs as much work, but you know, we can do a little at a time. The vegetable garden is under newspaper and mulch waiting until next year, and the annuals which were killed in the first frost are on the compost pile.

I guess the topic of this blog is not just my boring life, but my peaceful life. I find that when I am content and drama-free, I can give to others: my CASA child, who I advocate for, needs someone who is always there and who will not judge; my students at the community college, who have multiple problems and dilemmas, benefit from a teacher who's able to encourage and value them; my kids want a mom who is a sounding board and who will listen and help when it's needed. I know many people who are addicted to drama. When I was younger, a roller-coaster kind of life was exciting and easier to deal with--and believe me, I still LOVE amusement park roller coasters. I just want to be able to get off when the ride is over.

Next week I am off to Kentucky for two school vists, a two-day book fair, and a conference. My fingers are crossed that it will be an uneventful trip. I don't need the drama of driving in a freak snow storm (already did that a week ago), flat tire, my husband calling with a--God forbid--family member's medical issue--or wrong turn. I want to concentrate on inspiring young readers and teachers, getting them excited about books and writing. Then I want to make it through West Virginia and safely home to my family, animals and boring life.

How is your life these days? Just right? Or are you working hard to hold on to that bucking bronc of drama?


Francesca Prescott said...

Alison, no, this definitely doesn't sound like a boring life, but a perfect, peaceful, "grown-up" life. And you clearly do so much, so there's never a dull moment, really, is there? Who needs drama, anyway? I've had enough drama this week to last me quite a while, thank you very much! My changing stables twice in a week may not sound like mega-drama to most, but I get so worked up about things that it's thoroughly drained me. I could never be, I don't know, the President of a country! I'd never sleep! I'd never eat! I'd be a mess!

Long live quiet, mundane, ordinary, peaceful, busy lives :)

Mikey said...

Yes, I like boring nowadays. Your life doesn't sound boring though! You're busy!
I just had a personal realization about time, and places I want to go, things I still want to do but put off. I wish there was more time to do it all... but I enjoy life as it is. When you look back, do you smile? If so then you're doing it right.
As for the drama, I'm thankful when there is none, but I keep a sideways eye to try and see it coming :) I don't need to look for it, it always finds me eventually.

Laura Crum said...

Alison--I feel just like you. I'm very grateful for my boring/peaceful life and my greatest wish is that it should continue on uneventfully. I'm not bored--I think my life is lovely. But I know what you mean about it not making good blog posts.

Alison said...

Thank you for your wonderful, nonboring comments. Francesca, I had to laugh about you being President. As for Qrac, he is so lucky he has you to fret over him.
Mikey, thank you for your question "when you look back, do you smile?" I hope to look back and forward and keep smiling!
Laura, you and I seem to be on about the same page. You DO however, manage to dig up some awesome and challenging topics! So keep at it--that way, my topics can continue to be, well, boring!

Linda Benson said...

Gosh, Alison, your life sounds anything but boring to me. You are accomplishing a LOT. Bravo! I can't believe you still find time to write with everything else you've been doing, but I loved your comment about being satisfied with your "body of work." It is a big accomplishment to have written so many good books, and whether or not you win the Newbery becomes immaterial at one point (because really, who needs a sticker on a book to say it's great ;))

If you can still fit horses into your life, you will never be bored, because they tend to provide drama from time to time anyway, even if it's just a shy or a spook on the trail.

Thanks for sharing your very UN-boring life with us. And here's wishing for no snow in Kentucky next week!

Leslie said...

No drama for me either. I agree, some folks seem to live from drama to drama, not me. I believe what we project is often what we get. Sometimes drama of one kind or another pops up,that's just life.

I fully appreciate my peaceful, mundane life too!