Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Story Ideas

I hope Toni doesn't mind me expounding on her last post, but it's actually quite appropriate for me today.

You see, I'm in Washington State's San Juan Islands, Orcas Island in particular, as I'm typing this. My husband and I were married in the San Juans, and we wanted to come back here for a little trip. You can see details of our next 5 days in the San Juans on my personal blog at:

Back to the point of my post: Story Ideas. I was a boater in another life, and I spent 2-3 weeks in the San Juans every year, sometimes twice a year. Both of my books (Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? and The Dance) are set in the San Juans, and I have plans for a few more.

"Who's" and "The Dance" both deal with a fictional camp on Orcas Island that is being closed down. This camp has an innovative program in equine therapy. My fourth book will be about this camp. Of course, it's going to require extensive reserach on my part, which I've already begun.

It doesn't hurt to get a little inspiration from being in this most beautiful place on earth. I know this post doesn't have much to do with horses today, but I wanted to share a little of the beauty I'm experiencing with all of you, so I hope you'll forgive me.

So have a wonderful Easter, and I hope you'll stick around and see what's coming with Equestrian Ink.

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toni leland said...

Jami, I think following on each others' posts is a great idea. After all, we do each have unique reasons for and ways of finding our story ideas.

I spent many a summer in the San Juans with my family on a boat! Love it and have happy memories of that time (before I was allowed to have a horse! LOL)

Happy Easter to you too.