Monday, June 9, 2008

This is a big week for my seven-year-old little girl Kaitlin. Next Sunday is her first horse show. Well, sort of. Last October she did a fun Halloween show which was just doing various games, but this one on Sunday is the real deal with the hunt coat and the braids and everything that goes along with it (like getting up at the crack of dawn, rushing to the stable to wait around for hours). I remember what that was like. All week I would anticipate and ride my horse. Friday night I'd shine my tack and boots. Saturday was all about grooming the horse and when Sunday would arrive I'd be ready to go and out the door as the sun came up.

This past weekend Kaitlin's trainer had a tack cleaning party and all the girls got together and cleaned the good tack. They shared snacks and grazed their horses. It's so great to see a group of girls doing what they love more than anything in the world. Already at 7 & 8 years old a passion has been formed and this will stick with them forevor. I almost get choked up thinking about the love for the animal and the bond created between horse and rider. To have my little girl experience this and enjoy it has probably been one of the biggest thrills for me.

I have three children and my sons are teenagers now. For years I tried to get them interested in horses and with no takers. So to finally get a kid who loves them like I do has been a dream come true. I may still get one of the guys interested. There's a 16 year old girl at our stable that he saw and she is really pretty. Now he wants to come out and see his sister ride. Sure! I just laughed at him.

But back to the horse show. My fingers are crossed my daughter has the best time of her life and I will be taking lots of pictures because you're first show only happens once.



Grey Horse Matters said...

This should be very exciting. Good luck to your daughter and her horse at the show.

Anonymous said...

"'re first show"? I assume this was just a typo, due to the excitement over your daughter's big day. Surely a professional writer knows the difference between your and you're!

Jami Davenport said...

Have a great time and take lots of pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats...sounds like an exciting time for you =)

I noticed on Amazon this morning they have your 5th wine mystery listed for release next Feb...will there be any more horse mysteries? (I hope, I hope, I hope...)

Laura Crum said...

What a cute photo--is that your daughter's horse? I love hearing stories about other "horse moms", because that's my primary equine activity these days, too. We've not yet tried showing, though my little boy is talking about it. I hope your daughter has a great time--I remember my first show very well. I was about your daughter's age and showed a riding school horse (didn't have my own at that time) in English equitation and came in second in a largish class. To say I was thrilled would be putting it mildly. Good luck to both of you!