Monday, November 10, 2008

Pony Club

Our little girl Kaitlin started Pony Club a little over a month ago. She loves it and I love it. Already in a short amount of time, Kaitlin's riding has improved a ton along with her knowledge and she's making new friends. It got me thinking that why is there not a "Pony Club," for adults? We could call it Horse Club, I suppose. I seriously think there is a need and how much fun would that be?

I grew up having horses and it was purely the backyard horseperson experience. I loved it, but I sure didn't learn very much. I learned how to stay onthe horse, muck corrals and feed, but what my kid is learning now at 7 versus what I was doing at 7 is night and day. She's learning all about different types of feed, how to bandage, how to load horses, various ailments, etceras. Thank God I can read the book with her! I think I'm living vicariously through Kaitlin.

I brought up the horse club idea at my barn and a lot of people thought it was a great idea. The thing with great ideas is that you need great organizers and I am not one of those types. In fact, my organization skills are seriously lacking. My plate is pretty full as it is--books due, second grade room mom, pony club fun club mom, and two other kids. Not sure if I could manage another position right now, but I am thinking that if I could get enough people on board that maybe, just maybe we could put Horse Club together. I couldn't tell my husband though, because he's already a bit irritated that most of my weekends and evenings are spent out with the horses. What can I say? They don't talk back!

I'm curious if any of our readers or writers out there belong to a horse club similiar to that of pony club. If so, how does it work and do you find it a positive experience? I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks and Happy Trails,



autumnblaze said...

I know of a local H/J A barn that has a group of ladies that do a weekly lesson together. They call themselves 'Hags on Nags'. They're so cute! That's a similar concept for the adult - but they don't add in the clinic aspect where you learn about feed, first aid etc. I think that'd be great.

However, it shows adults do like the idea of the commradery. You're never too old to stop learning!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, there's the Old People's Pony Club, I think it's called. It was profiled in one of my horse magazines, but alas, it didn't have a chapter near me. :(


A.K. Alexander said...

I like the sound of both of those--old people's pony club! Too funny. Can we just call it The More Mature Pony Club? Something, anything but old?

Have a great day! I am going riding since my daughter has a day off!

Linda said...

Pony Club is great--my daughter participated in 4-H, but eventually was bored. We started a non-profit organization called Moms, Daughters, & Horses here in Spokane/North Idaho and now we do more trail rides than arena work. We also get together and take lessons here and there--have coffee dates and Cowgirl lunches. Fun stuff!

Beckz said...

Ha there is are adult riding clubs throughout NZ they seem to have fun.

Jami Davenport said...

I have no idea how my last comment ended up on the wrong post but it did. Sorry about that.

I think there's an adult pony club in the Seattle area, or there was for a while.