Friday, December 11, 2009

Talk to the Animals

I have a question for you...Has anyone ever used an equine communicator? I have actually had a gal "talk," with our pony Monty and it was a pretty amazing "discussion."

Monty came into our family about a year and a half ago. He was fabulous. For seven months Monty was fabulous. My daughter took lessons from a wonderful teacher who is also a dear friend, but who is also a school teacher, so when she had to go back to her day job, she let us know that she had to back off of lessons and working with Monty. She was still able to do a couple of days a week, but I knew that with Monty being a new guy with us and with my daughter being small and although she'd been riding for a few years--she needed that extra attention. There was another trainer where we were at, at the time and I had watched him with some of the kids and thought he was pretty good with them, so I approached him.

Long story short--pony didn't like this guy. It wasn't long after they started working together that Monty had his first bout of colic, then Monty began to colic about every 3 weeks. Then he started doing things like bolting with his kid, and acting like a nervous wreck inside his stall. I started scratching my head wondering what the hell had happened to our fabulous pony?!?

My gut began talking to me, and my gut was saying there's something really wrong here. Monty colicked again, and at that point my vet looked at me and said, "Get him out of here, change everything about his program, or you might lose him."

There is so much more to the story, but it would be about ten pages long, so this is the short version.

Needless to say, I called up Terri (where we'd gotten Monty from, and she'd told me if there was ever any issue to bring him back and we'd figure it out). I told her the problem and within twenty-four hours we had the horses at her place.

Monty and Krissy have now been at Terri's for 9 months--and guess what? Not one colic, no silly pony shenanigans to really pique the fear factor for the kid or me.

So back to the equine communicator. This gal came to "talk" to the horses not long after we got up to Terri's. She had no prior knowledge of Monty and the issues. We told her we were concerned that Monty had had a tendency to get fast with his kid.

She wrapped her arms around the pony and after a few minutes looked at us and asked, "Who else rides him besides the little girl and Terri?" We said that I did and occasionally another working student (a young woman). The communicator said, "No. The man, who is the man?" She looked right at me and a shiver went down my spine. "You know who I'm talking about," she said. I nodded. "Yeah well, the pony doesn't like him and is afraid of him, and he has reasons to be." Now--there is still a lot more to this but for time sakes, I'll keep to the short version. Then she wrapped her arms back around him and asked all of us (my vet included here) to send him light and love and let him know how much he's loved. All of a sudden this lady begins sobbing. I mean--totally sobbing. We were all looking at each other... She apologized and explained that this happens about once a month with a horse. She told us that he had just let go of a ton of grief. That Monty never understood that he was anything more than a commodity. He never understood that he could be or was loved. Now maybe this sounds crazy to you, but this is what I can tell you happened afterward:

Up to this point Monty was never affectionate. He did his job but he never seemed happy. He didn't seem to care if his kid was there or not. He just did what he was supposed to do and that was that. The communicator told us to constantly talk to him and tell him how much he is loved and that he is now a part of a family and will always be a part of our family, because he had a fear that we weren't going to keep him. I did this with him for a week straight, and the most amazing thing happened after about a week. I was in the barn with him by myself and I took him off the cross-ties, and removed his halter to put the bridle on. All of a sudden, Monty just placed his head right in my chest and stomach. He just stayed like this with me for at least a minute or longer. Then he very gently (not pushy at all) rubbed his face on me--it was like when a cat rubs on you, not when my silly mare pushes me all over the place. I scratched him between his ears and told him hown special he is. And I swear he sighed. It was like this moment of true understanding for him--as if--"I get it. I'm part of the family." Since that day, as soon as he sees his kid or me, he jogs on over, he lets out a little nicker, he paws on the ground until we make it over to him, and it's obvious he feels like he is loved.

Both Monty and his kid are thriving together. He has been off his ulcer meds for two months now. He's fat and happy (maybe a little too fat), and he's settled.

Now I don't know your feelings on people who communicate with animals but I have to say that I am a total believer. I really believe that the lady who came and talked to Monty helped him and us a great deal, and I am really grateful for that.

Call me crazy or tell me if you've ever had anyone "talk" to or with your horses.

Have a great weekend,



Anonymous said...

Lovely story - thanks for sharing!

stilllearning said...

Good for you for being open to things "outside the box". Glad to hear that it made such a big change in your pony.

I haven't tried an animal communicator yet, but have dipped into reiki, orthobionomy and muscle testing to solve a mysterious physical ailment with great success. Also muscle tested for emotional issues, both his and mine, and addressed them with EFT. My friends chuckle at the "voodoo" but it has really helped me with this horse.

Never say never. I'll do whatever I can to solve the puzzle.

OneDandyHorse said...

That is one great story.

I've read a bit about horse communicators and I would like to try it with my mare... except that I don't know anyone in my area that does it!

Thanks for sharing this touching story!

Promise said...

I have had an animal communicator speak with Promise, also. It was amazing.

OneDandyHorse -- the lady I used did the reading over the phone, and was more accurate than I can even describe. I also have a few acquantainces who have used her for face-to-face readings.

If you'd like her info, email me at or comment on my blog. :)

A.K. Alexander said...

OneDandyHorse--The lady we used also does readings over the phone. I can get you the info. E-mail me off my site and I'll give it to you.

2horseygirls said...

Thanks so much for this post!

I have 4 cats, and have been dealing with peeing issues since we moved almost 3 years ago.

2 older cats (1 male, 1 female) came with the house, we brought one 1.5 yr old female with us (who I think had been very happy being the queen bee) and then we got a male Abyssinian (who I swear is a Lab in cat's clothing) :)

I am at the point of pulling my hair out, and have been thinking about an animal communicator, but my husband thinks I'm nuts.

Has anyone had any luck with communicating with cats?

I'm in Illinois if any of the referrals might be in this area.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all :)

Laura Crum said...

Michele--that sounds very intriquing, though I have never tried it. Great story.

Erin said...

I was hugely skeptical about communicators -- and then, when one came to our barn, thought "what the heck, she's here anyway." I had two horses at the time, and one of them was known for being fantastically smart. We often bragged about his amazing mind. The first thing my young horse communicated? "He wants you to know that he's not thick-headed. He knows he's not as handsome, but he's just as smart as the other one."

We went on from there, and I was floored by some of what I learned. And it did make a difference in how I related to my guys, which really helped build our relationship.

I still maintain a certain level of skepticism, but it's getting harder...!

Unknown said...

I have a story about a friend of mine and her gelding involving a psychic.
This particular gelding had always been passed from home to home. He was an OTTB and a great horse, except he bucked once really hard when you first went into the canter.
My friend had the lady out. The lady was from a county over and knew nothing of this horse or the friend that owned him. I wasn't there so I get this phone call later that evening. My friend asked me if there was a man named Shawn that was at the barn. I said no I would have met a man named shawn. She said that the horse really liked this guy and that he spent a long time petting him at his stall and even gave him a treat he had never had before and wanted to know the next time Shawn was going to visit. I thought long and hard and suddenly clued in. I was giving my ex boyfriends little brothers riding lessons on my pony after I broke him. Shawn was not really a man but a tall 13 year old boy. Once I thought of that I remember that Shawn had given the horse a piece of black licorice and had indeed, every time he was at the farm stayed a long time at this geldings stall to scratch him.
The psychic also remarked that the gelding was not trying to hurt his rider when he bucked but trying to adjust his riders position because it hurt between his back legs. Sure enough (being an equine massage therapist) when he was castrated there was a lump of scar tissue there that tugged painfully every time he went to canter for the first time. I massaged it and he hasn't bucked since. Hes now packing around little kids in short stirrup.

I would rather have a psychic come face to face with my animals than over the phone but like others have said, I don't think they are in my area.

EcoLicious Equestrian said...

thanks for sharing! I am actually having a communicator coming to see my boy Durango tomorrow, I will let you know what he said :o)...

Michele said...

Wow! Great stories. There is an awesome book out called, "What Horses Say." Read it!

Albigears said...

I used to do this, kind of 'on the side' until I got a job that took up all of my extra energy. I don't usually tell people because of the skepticism, and I don't know how it works, just that it does. I always did long-distance sessions. I was able to get a lot more info in a quiet space with no distractions. I also knew I wasn't reading into the animal's body language.
I did it on and off for years and only had one animal that refused to talk to me, a horse. She had been abused and wanted nothing to do with people. After a while I refused to do sessions for people with peeing cats (sorry 2hg) because nothing I said could keep them from doing it and it was a waste of time and money.
Anyway, I know for a fact people can communicate with animals because I can do it. Anyone can. It wasn't something I was born with, I actually learned to do it with a mentor.
And having said THAT, I'm sure there are con artists out there trying to make a buck.
I really love these kinds of stories, though. I think it helps raise the consciousness of the human race. If everyone recognized that animals have feelings (gasp), they would be treated much, much better than they are today.

Joy said...

you are definitely not crazy. And YAY for monty getting his lifers. white light to you all.

Laura Crum said...

Albigears--that is fascinating. I admit, though I have never used a "communicator", I do talk to my horses in my mind and often get back helpful answers. I never considered it anything but a personal quirk of mine. I am puzzled as to how one does it over the phone with an animal one has never met (though not disbelieving). For me, I sort of hold the animal in my thoughts and feel the connection to his energy, if that makes sense. I don't think I could do it unless I was familiar with the energy. And some of my horses are much easier for me to connect with than others--and its not always the ones who are "friendlier" in life, so to speak. I would love it if you would explain more about how you do this, though I'm guessing it doesn't go into words very easily.

Jasmine said...

@ 2horseygirls:

Not to derail the discussion.... but

Do you have at least one litter box for each cat and are they emptied every day?

As for animal communicators I was skeptical for a long time (and I'd bet there are a LOT of frauds) but this type of story makes me a believer.

Albigears said...

Laura- ah, see, you're a natural. You described telepathic animal communication pretty well. I find it hard, sometimes impossible to talk to my own animals because I don't trust myself enough that the answers I'm getting are the ones I want rather than the ones they're giving me. It's such a subtle thing sometimes.
I studied Shamanic animal communication for years. It takes things one step further than telepathic communication and can bring healing to animals. Kind of like the people gathering around the pony and sending him love and light, but using the animal's angels and spirit guides to do it instead.
One of the techniques for really damaged animals is to take them to their place of origin and to reconnect (re-ground them) them with their most basic, instinctual selves that they've lost. What I "see" when horses go to this place is a deep valley with giant, iridesecent swarming herds of horses of all colors galloping and galloping. The damaged horse joins one of the herds and just runs. When he's done he stops, and then we make an intent that the horse can reconnect to this energy anytime he wants to. Kind of like 'instant grounding'. I don't know exactly what happens, just that they come out of the experience much more grounded, confident, self-assured, and less neurotic.
I know this kind of "woo woo" stuff is pretty out there for most people. I'm not out there to try to convince anyone one way or another, either.
The results, for me, spoke for themselves.

Gayle Carline said...

For me, it's not so much that I believe in animal communicators as it is that I don't have the ego required to think that the human experience is "all there is." We had a communicator come to the ranch, and I listened to all the horses tell her about what they liked and didn't like, very much in the present. Then she talked to my mare, whose first words to me were, "She wants you to know she had a terrible childhood." So I got David Copperfield. Parts of it were funny, parts of it were sad, and all of it made sense.

Laura Crum said...

Albigears--I really find this stuff fascinating and am not judgemental. I never experienced anything like what you are describing. For me it tends to be very simple direct messages. Like one sentence, no more. It pops into my mind and that's that. Theres no elaboration. I used to think it was just my own mind playing with me, but most of the "answers" have proved true. Any more, I don't worry about "what" it is. If its my mind, fine. I find it helpful, that's all. Some of the things I "get" are suprising, some relatively obvious. Its a big, mysterious world and we humans are a very long way from understanding how it all connects.

Albigears said...

That's why people don't believe they're "doing" it- because they think they're making it up or it's their imagination. It sounds like you're trusting it, awesome!
It's funny, because when I talked to animals often there were no big revelations. (I would get excited and be like, 'listen to THIS!' The owner often said they 'already kind of knew that' but can't describe why or how.

stilllearning said...

Albigears: a question: Is there a special technique for responding to the horse? Mine is quite good at sending messages to me (re: doubts, worries, fears, etc). I don't feel as capable sending back reassurances; it doesn't always feel like he's gettin MY messages.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Ask your Animal Communicator to take the James Randi $1,000,000 challenge. She won't.