Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodbye For Now

by Laura Crum

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be taking a break from blog posts—and the internet in general—for the month of July. I’ll miss all your comments and I’ll certainly miss my horses, but my friend and boarder will live here and take care of all critters while I’m gone.

Since my mind is on our upcoming camping trip, I thought I’d ask how you all deal with it when you have to leave your horses for awhile. Even though I enjoy the change and appreciate seeing new country, its very hard for me to leave my animals. Once I’m on the road I have a tendency to look longingly at the other horses I see and wish I could be back with my own. Let alone if I see somebody riding—then I’m really jealous.

My son and I have been fortunate enough to have gone on lots of lovely trail rides this past month, and our two horses, Henry and Sunny, have been real stars, carrying us willingly and reliably through some amazing redwood forests, and up to the top of hills where we can see the ridgeline of the coastal mountains on one side and the whole blue sweep of the Monterey Bay on the other. We live in a wonderful place for trail riding and I’m very grateful. I’m going to miss it—even for a month.

I’m lucky to have a boarder/friend who is a good horseman and as familiar with my horses as I am, and is also willing to live here for a month and take care of everything. Without this support, I’m afraid I’d never manage to leave. I’d worry too much about my beloved animals and garden.

Anyway, this isn’t much of a post—just a short note to let you know I plan to be back to posting on Wednesdays in August—God willing and the creek don’t rise. Wish me good luck on the road. Cheers--Laura


lopinon4 said...

What a bummer for me! I love your writing. That aside, enjoy your time away and don't waste a second of it WORRYING. All will be well when you return.


Shanster said...

Have a fabulous trip camping! The offer is always open should you wanna venture into Ft. Collins for a beer! wink - I know you are busy and enjoying your family!

I have stress when we have to leave too...we've had an experience or two with a bad pet sitter... we have one now that is super responsible and reliable and that sure helps!

Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

I've got pretty good coverage at our barn when I leave, but I still hate to, particularly when the weather's great for riding. Enjoy your trip and your break!

Laura Crum said...

lopinon4-I should probably post your comment on my dashboard--I do have a tendency to worry. Its better to enjoy--thanks for the reminder--and the good wishes.

Shanster--I'm taking your phone number--and your goat milk skin cream--if we are in your area for long enough, I'll give you a call. Thanks for the good wishes.

Kate--Yes, its a mixed bag. I enjoy traveling, but I hate missing out on riding here. Like lots of life, I guess. Since I'm going, I will strive to enjoy it. Thanks.

Mrs. Mom said...

Have an awesome break Laura. I'll look forward to hearing your adventures when you come back!

Mikey said...

We will miss you!!!
As for leaving my horses... just doesn't happen. I can't go more than overnight before I become a ball of anxiety and I might as well just go home.

Laura Crum said...

Thanks Mrs Mom--I'm hoping for some pleasant camping--nothing too adventurous.

And Mikey--uhmm, I'm kind of the same way--could you tell from my post? But visiting my husband's family and camping together with my husband and son are important things too, so I try to handle my anxiety and enjoy the trip. The truth is I've done this trip eight times before--not to mention an even longer trip to Europe--and everything has always been fine when I got home. (Knocking on wood here--for real.) So I'm trying to learn to let go and enjoy the travels and not worry so much. Trying being the operative word. I do actually enjoy travelling a lot--I'm not complaining. Just wishing I could be in two places at once.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Hope you have a great July and try not to worry!
I have found that when I'm away and I check in they never tell me the important stuff until I get home anyway so it doesn't do any good to worry.
If you can't do anything about it- there's no use worrying about it.

Everything will be fine when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Have an wonderful time away Laura. Stay in the moment, celebrate the joy in the journey. You will be back home before you know it and enjoying your beloved redwood trails again.

I know what it's like to want to be in two places at once, but you miss out on truly embracing the place you are in. You have great help that's living in, so you are one of the lucky ones!!

Blessings on you travels, and I know I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back :D

Laura Crum said...

Voyager and mommyrides--I appreciate the supportive comments and I know that what you are saying is true. I'll do my best to stay in the moment. My boarder/friend is able to care for the horses as well or better than I could--and that's a big comfort.

HorsesAndTurbos said...

It sounds like you are all set! I'm going away for 3 days...have my regular person and a backup set up in case :) I'm glad for cell phones, too. But to be totally honest, while I think of them when I am gone, I also am enjoying the break from taking care of them. And Starlette is so funny when I get back...