Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zenyatta Makes History

Zenyatta ran into the history books last Sunday, surpassing the records of Triple Crown Winner Citation and two-time Horse of the Year Cigar. With her win in the Vanity Handicap (the third year in a row she has won this race) Zenyatta, unbeaten in any race, extended her winning streak to 17 for 17. Pretty Amazing for a six year old mare, don't you think?

All I can say is that I love to watch this big 17.2 hand horse run. She always comes from dead last to overtake every horse in the race. She takes a lot of time to get her big body rolling, and her jockey, Mike Smith, waits chilly on her until it's time to roll. What a thrill.

If Zenyatta continues to race, and all indications seem to be that she will, tune in to see her. She gives you goosebumps each time. Go Big Z. Count me as one of your biggest fans!

How many of you have watched Zenyatta run?


runner10 said...

My daughter is a huge Zenyatta fan. I am so glad she didn't retire. She is amazing to watch.

Mare said...

She's pretty amazing! I love to watch her run, because, like you said she always comes from dead last and wins!!! I watched her in the Breeder's Cup Classic last year and was amazed...Love her!

wilsonc said...

I've watched her race, and I remember her from that show on Animal Planet called Jockeys. That was the first time I ever saw her. Mike Smith was her jockey then too.

Linda Benson said...

I tried to upload a video of her last race from YouTube, but was having trouble. If you go to YouTube and search for Zenyatta, you can watch most of her races. Yes, the Breeder's Cup Classic last fall (when she beat the best male horses in the world) was nothing short of magical.

There is some talk of having her race next in August at Del Mar, and possibly pointing her towards the Breeder's Cup again this year (at Churchill Downs this year) but I think they will wait and see what the big mare tells them. And that's the way it should be.

Joy said...

I just caught it live on tv in the nick of time. She is amazing. What a thrill to witness that horse do her thing!

Cleone said...

Her trainer, John Shirreffs, likes to post videos on YouTube - his channel is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jonshfs05 - and you can even take a ride on Zenyatta as she and Mike Smith work five furlongs! You can also watch her slurp up her Guinness, gallop, etc.

Zenyatta is amazing.