Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back on the Blog

by Laura Crum

I got back from my month long vacation this last weekend. Had a good time overall—but boy am I glad to be home. Traveling is always interesting, and I think it is very good for us, but it is tiring, especially the camper road trips that our family chooses. It was great to spend time with my husband’s family, and my son enjoyed snorkeling in the lakes; we all enjoyed river rafting in Colorado. We had some lovely camps in remote spots in Nevada and the California Mts. On the flip side, we had some rather intense experiences with thunderstorms, heat waves in the Midwest, and rivers in flood stage. Still, all in all, a fine trip.

Now I am back and slowly reconnecting with my home. It feels like I’ve been gone a long time. The garden is very overgrown and will take much work to get it back in shape. The horses are all doing well. My son and I rode Henry and Sunny yesterday. Just at the walk and trot in our riding ring, as we get them going again after a month off. Both horses were perfectly behaved, and Sunny was sound. Yay. I didn’t do a real soundness exam on him, but he walked out freely, trotted without a bob, and, best of all, walked relaxed and comfortably down the slope that leads from the riding ring to the barn, something he was certainly NOT able to do before I left on my trip. At that point he picked his way down that hill, and it was clearly uncomfortable for him. So he’s improved a lot, and at the moment is sound enough for the light trail riding I like to do. However, I’ll probably stick to walk/trot in the riding ring for awhile, as I figure out if he’s ready for more. Not to mention I’m not going to have time for a lot of horse activities for the next week or two. There is so much weeding and mowing to do in the garden—I hardly know where to start. I’m not going to have much horse time for awhile, any way.

Since I haven’t uploaded (or downloaded—I don’t know which way it goes) the photos of my trip yet, I thought I’d post the photos that I took with me on my travels, to remind me of my home. They were all taken in June, right before I left. So, below you see:

Roses on our porch pergola.

My favorite rambling rose, Treasure Trove.

Chickens in our barnyard.

My little trail horse, Sunny.

Our vegetable garden.

My husband, playing the pipes at our local cemetery on Memorial Day. Yes, he’s of Scottish descent and plays the bagpipes.

On another note, it looks as though the Equestrian Ink summer reading book giveaway has been a huge success. It will be my turn to participate in the giveaway this Saturday, and I have a surprise for all of you. So for those who are interested in winning a copy of one of my books, please check back this Saturday, August 6th, when I will post my contest. I hope you all enter.

I’ll be reading blogs again soon, am interested to hear how everyone is doing. But must fit it in around reading the page proofs for my twelfth novel, which will be published this coming spring. Good wishes to everyone. Cheers--Laura


Alison said...

Welcome back, Laura.

Looking at the photos of your roses, I was wondering how you get in the door! They are incredible.

And you nicely intrigued us about your Saturday giveaway!

Laura Crum said...

Alison--I have to be pretty ruthless with the clippers from time to time or we would NOT be able to get in the door. My husband complains bitterly when they snag him. My son calls them "Mama's thornbushes". So they are not entirely popular. But I love them.

Dreaming said...

Welcome back! I was gone for 4 days and I'm having a tough time getting back into the swing of things. I can't imagine how hard it would be to get moving after longer!
How cool that your hubby plays the pipes - tough instrument to conquer!

Laura Crum said...

Dreaming--Isn't it funny how hard it is to get back into the rhythm of home after time away? I'm very glad to be back, but still kind of lost. I work in the garden every day, catch up on the laundry and housework, do the animal chores...etc, but don't feel I have a handle on anything yet.

My husband took up the pipes five years ago and can do a pretty good job of "Scotland the Brave" (and many other classics), if I say so myself. I'm very impressed with the progress he's made--they are a tough instrument to learn--as you say.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Laura!!! Glad you had a wonderful vacation and hope that it doesn't take too long to get back in the swing of things.

We are planning a week trip to our cottage in August and I'm already panicking about horse care and home care and lawn mowing. Ug.....

Good to have you back...

Shanster said...

Welcome back! Love the pix of your husband in his Scottish regalia (sp?)

Once Upon an Equine said...

Beautiful roses. Proud Rooster. Pretty horse. Men in kilts are the best. What a nice home you have to return to.

Laura Crum said...

Lynn--It is stressful, trying to get everything covered while you are gone. But I was gone for a month and everything is fine--just a bit jungly--so it can be done. Don't worry too much--enjoy your break from routine. I did!

Shanster--Yeah, Andy looks good in his kilt, doesn't he?

Once Upon An Equine--Thank you. Of course, I picked pretty photos to take with me--my place has plenty of ragged edges, too.

horsegenes said...

Welsome back - glad to hear you had a wonderful adventure.

Laura Crum said...

Hi kel--Well it was adventurous, and wonderful in places, but there were plenty of moments of wondering what the heck we were doing out here in the 90 plus degrees and one hundred percent humidity, or the blinding thunderstorm on the interstate, or, well, you get the idea. There were good parts and bad parts. Which I guess is true of all travel. I do like the break from routine and seeing new things.

Minus Pride said...

So glad you enjoyed you vacation...can't wait to see the pics!!