Friday, August 12, 2011

Contest Winners--and Everybody Wins!

by Laura Crum

I drew the three winners of my contest out of my old cowboy hat this morning.

First place winner is Linda, who requested Cutter.

Second place is stillearning who requested Moonblind.

Third place is Kate, who also requested Cutter.

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy these stories. All three of you must email me your snail mail addresses ASAP so I can mail you the books. Email me at

Each of the three winners gets the title of their choice from the eleven published books of my mystery series featuring equine veterinarian Gail McCarthy. The twelfth book in the series comes out this spring (2012), by the way.

And now, for all of you who entered, here’s another way to win a free book. My publisher has agreed to send a free copy of “Going, Gone”, my most recent novel, to anyone who agrees to review it on her/his blog or on Amazon. All you have to do is email Susan Daniel at and give her your snail mail address and your agreement to email her a copy of your review when you post it. So for all of you who requested “Going, Gone”, and any of you who would like to read it, here’s your chance. Send Susan an email before next Friday (August 19th) and she will put you on the list and send you a book. Everybody can win a free book! You must email her by August 19th, as this opportunity closes then.

For those who requested the earlier titles, I know they can be hard to find and sometimes pricey. If you really want a specific book, my friend Wally, who boards his horse with me, has copies of all the books at his feedstore. If you call the store (831-728-2244—in California), ask for Wally or Lynn and give them your credit card number, they will mail you a signed copy of any of my books. $20 for the hardcovers $15 for the trade paperbacks. This includes shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Wally won’t ship outside that area, and he doesn’t do the internet, but if you want your book personalized, he’ll bring it over here for me to write you a message.

Someone asked about my favorite title, and that’s a hard one. Like most authors, I think, I like certain things about each book—they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The overall reader favorite is probably Slickrock. People either love or hate Breakaway, which is my darkest novel. I really like this book. The last three titles (Moonblind, Chasing Cans, and Going, Gone) have to do with raising a child, and again, people either love them or hate them. Those who hate them have (usually) never had a child and find the whole subject boring. For me, though, these books are probably my favorites because the things I’ve learned about life through having a child have been very moving to me and I’ve tried to weave these insights into the stories. And yes, there is lots of horse action and an intense mystery plot in each book as well.

Most of my books are available online and the last three can be ordered directly from the publisher. Ordering info is posted on my website—just click on my name on the sidebar to go there. Don’t forget, you can all have a free copy of “Going, Gone” in exchange for reviewing it on your blog or on Amazon. Just email Susan at within the next week to request your book.


3ChunkyMonkies said...

Can't wait for #12. Will there be a #13?

Minus Pride said...

Just e-mailed her. I am so looking forward to reading one of your books!!!

Laura Crum said...

3ChunkyMonkies--I don't know if there will be a #13. My original goal was a dozen books, which I have reached. My next goal is to get the older titles up on Kindle and available as E-books. I'll let you know as they become available.

Minus Pride--I hope you enjoy it!

Mrs. Mom said...

I have GOING, GONE and love it!! ;) Cant thank you and your publisher enough for letting me get a look at that one Laura- it was my pleasure to review it for you!


Laura Crum said...

Thank you Mrs Mom--I have so appreciated your support and reviews. I'm glad you liked "Going, Gone".

RiderWriter said...

All set - just sent my email! I can't wait to read it, and of course will be more than happy to publish a review on my blog. :-)

Dreaming said...

I have sent my email requesting a copy of the book. I can't wait to read it. Thanks!!!

Oh, the link to Susan's email address adds an extra 's' if you click on it to automatically launch the email. My first attempt was returned as non deliverable.

3ChunkyMonkies said...

I was afraid of that. Each book feels closer to the end. The story has developed as life does with changes that you don't expect when reading the first few books. That's what makes it great. Who can't relate to that?

I've read the series twice now. And I intend to reread again just before the release of the next book. It's nice to take some quiet time. Today I need to settle for some horsie time. I'm off to bathe my only chunky monkey in 99 degree heat.

Laura Crum said...

Thank you Rider/Writer and Dreaming. I hope you both enjoy the book.

3ChunkyMonkies--Thanks for the nice comment. It is really nice to know that there are those who have appreciated what I tried to do in the series. Thanks again for writing.

Linda said...

I'm in shock...I never win blog contests. I'll have to read and then frame it. lol.

Laura Crum said...

Linda--Now that tickles me. I never win contests or drawings of any kind, either. So I'm happy that someone with my kind of luck won the contest. Congratulations! I now have all three addresses and will mail the books Monday or Tuesday. If you guys would shoot me an email and let me know you got your book that would be great.