Sunday, March 18, 2012

Horseless in Shelton

It's been a busy weeked for me. I planned on writing megawords on my latest novel, but I only wrote 300 words all weekend. I did mow the lawn for the first time since last fall. Of course, the lawn is all moss so it was hard to see where I'd mowed.

The other chore I had this weekend was haul my horse back to my former trainer's place. She'd going to breed her this spring.

Saturday morning, I hooked up the trailer and caught Gailey. Expecting her to give me problems when I loaded her, I'm happy to report she loaded easily within a few minutes after some token resistance.

Now she's gone.

My husband couldn't wait to get rid of her. I somewhat felt the same way. After all, having a horse on the property cramped our style. We couldn't go off on a trip at the drop of a hat, or come home late from work whenever we pleased. So now we're free...

We went to a hockey game last night. When we got home, Hubbie ran to the barn to check on the horse. No Horse.

Oh, yeah, she's gone.

I woke up this AM later than usual. Gotta run out and feed the horse. Wait, no horse.

We should have been happy. Instead, it was like a part of our life was missing. When I sat in my library, I can usually look out on the horse pasture, but again, no horse.

It's a weird feeling when you've adjusted your life around a horse, and she's no longer a part of it. I'm sure we'll adjust, but it'll take a while. We both miss her. It's like a part of our lives is missing, and actually it is.

She'll be back in the future, so for now, we'll try to appreciate our freedom, even as we miss her.


jenj said...

Having horses at home IS a lot of work. It DOES cramp your style. But somehow, now that we have them here, I just couldn't imagine NOT having them.

Enjoy your freedom while you can, and look forward to when she comes back!

PS. Any chance of finding some part-time barn help? It's great if you can have someone come by once or twice a week so you can have a day off. My help is a lifesaver - I'd go crazy without her!

Laura Crum said...

I can so relate to this. The horses are SUCH a problem when I want to plan a trip, but I love having them at home. Its a paradox.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to have a horse at home to plan around....

Alison said...

Will she be back bred and then you'll have two to take care of? What fun! I think. I remember those days of raising babies. It was challenging!

Jami Davenport said...

She's being leased to my trainer for breeding. I can still go to the barn and ride or groom her. I plan on doing that.

It's weird not having her. I keep looking out the window expecting her to be looking toward the house.