Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Did You Do This Summer


Dreaming said...

Did you push the 'publish' button before you were ready?
Did you decide that we could write this post?
Is Blogger being a bully again?
What did I do this summer? Mostly tending gardens and watering plants. But... in 11 days I'm heading out on a camping trip! You know I'll be posting about that!

Alison said...

Hi Dreamer,
Blogger is being a %^&*. I liked the old version, but your comment was so funny that I am glad this popped up.
Enjoy that camping trip!

Francesca Prescott said...

Alison: what is an Etsy shop? I'd never heard of this until yesterday when I saw on Facebook that a friend of a friend had started an Etsy Shop...and now you've got one too. But what is it? It sounds really cute, whatever it is, but that's just how the words sounds to me!

I'm feeling a bit boring now that all the blingy show stuff is over; when I'm not riding all I seem to be doing is pulling weeds, or doing laundry, or cleaning dirty bathrooms, and picking up after teenage boys. It's all smelly stuff, really! I'm definitely not feeling particularly blingy this week! sister arrived from Hong Kong this morning, so that's exciting, since I haven't seen her since last October when I went to visit her. She and the kids looked pretty wiped out after 18 hours of travelling, but I'm looking forward to hanging out with her.

I'll be going to London for a weekend in August, with my daughter, as she is going a photography workshop with some cool photographer. Which reminds me: I need to book plane tickets! We'll also drive down to see Kwintus in early August, just overnight, but it will be nice.

Otherwise, I'm going to be working towards my next dressage show with Qraci :).

Alison said...

Francesca, Etsy is an online site where you (anyone, I think, even those living in far away Switzerland) can sell handmade or vintage items. It takes a lot of work--kind of like picking up after teenagers. Go to and then find valleytreasuresalice -- that's me, only as you will soon find out, my shop doesn't have much in it- yet!

So glad you and Qrac had fun!