Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Winter Walk

Winter is almost over in Virginia, where we really haven't had any snow and none of the freak storms that California had or the severe storms that the Midwest and Northeast have had so for my critters and me winter has been mild.  Not that I have ridden. Too busy is my excuse, and since I am still working on revisions and historical backmatter for books and teaching and maintaining booths, I am swamped. Quicksand type swamped. I want to apologize to the other members of the blog because I have not even had time to read and comment on posts, which is not a neighborly thing to do!  And my own posts have had to be fast and furious including this one, which will be filled with photos of my winter walk. Kind of like photos from Laura's trail ride when she takes them from between Sunny's ears.

The dogs and I take long doggy hikes twice a day through rain, snow, sleet or hail.  Neither are too excited about rain or hail, but we do forge on.
Here they are dressed up for the start of our morning horse chores and hike.  Poor Ziggy, if it got any colder here he would need ear muffs! Their stylish coats keep them warm, but they will be happy to shed them when warmer weather arrives.

 Speaking of shedding, in another month I will be brushing wads of hair off Relish and Bell. It's hard to see that beneath the fuzz and floppy manes lurk fine-boned, purebreds. Yes, I am a writer of fiction, but really, both horses have 'papers.' Only they were bred by backyard owners who never should have mate stallion with mare. Bell and Relish have great personalities, but let's just say, that unlike Francesca, I will never have to worry about training for competition. Neither would make it. (Whew!)

Last note on my walk, is my own winter gear as we set off. Muck Boots are the best unless there is frost on the ground and then I take my life in my hands. I wish I would say I will soon shed this attractive footwear, but Muck Boots are year-round. They are fashionable with sweat pants or shorts.

 And here is my last picture and my attempt to get the dogs walking on the trail if front of me while I take a shot ala between Sunny's ears. Alas, neither dog cooperated and all I got were fuzzy photos and cold hands, and I didn't get a shot of the geese on the pond or the frosty leaves.

Do you have any musings about winter before spring arrives? Please share your winter chores, walks and rides.


Laura Crum said...

Alison--My horses look just like yours. Fuzzy little goats. And they are already starting to shed. It feels like spring here--my plum tree is blooming and its in the 60's and sunny. I pretty much love living on the central California coast. And your little dogs are adorable. My Star has ears like your Ziggy.

Laura Crum said...

Oh, and I agree. I wear my rubber boots year round--good for dewy spring mornings, foggy summer days, as well as rain, mud, and just plain cold. Like you, I can be seen wearing them with shorts...its a great look. I even ride in them some days.

Allenspark Lodge said...

My muck boots have finally started to crack. I tried to fix them with an inner-tube patch, with mixed results. Guess I need to replace them.

Our horses are papered, too! I registered them with the "North American Grade Horse Association"



Allenspark Lodge said...

(Love the sweaters, by the way!)


Alison said...

Bill, don't you love those highly registered horses? And how do you keep from sliding on mud/frost in your Muck Boots once the tread wears
off? I have taken a few tumbles.

Laura -- Perhaps Star and Ziggy are related. I have not seen another pair of ears like his on the East Coast! So glad spring is coming your way. I love to see photos of your riot of flowers.

Dreaming said...

Fuzzy horses are the best. I always dreaded the dethatching job that meant great weather was on its way!
Love your muck boots. My favorite barn wear is a pair of Croc knock-offs that I bought at WalMart on sale for $1.00. I wish I had bought 10 pair. The soles on mine are so thin that if I step on a sand spur, I get it in my foot. Also, on snow or mud they are worse than ice skates. I have fallen (in the snow is far preferable to the muck) more times than I care to admit because of my senseless (but oh, so comfy) barn shoes!

Alison said...

Dreaming--you need to add ice grippers to your Walmart Crocs. They have saved me a 1,000 times. Now that I am OLD, I don't care to fall anymore. You can order them off Amazon or Bean has them. They strap to any shoe/boot/Croc (well, I guess they would!)

My pony is just starting to shed and I was spitting hair out this morning.