Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Horses of Proud Spirit

Many of you who read this blog are quite aware of the dire fate of some horses in this country. Unfortunately, as much as we love and adore our horses, there are still many standing in people's dark stalls and backyards - ill fed, un-cared for, starving or worse. Many of these will eventually end up on a slaughter truck bound for Canada or Mexico - a sad end for an animal who may have served humans well during its life.

We've talked about this a little on this blog before, and some of you, including our own Laura Crum, are kind enough to keep and care for their horses throughout their lives. Recently, I've been introduced to Melanie and Jim Bowles, who run Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary in Lincolnton, GA. For over twenty years, they've been devoted to taking in these equine cast-offs, and providing them not only shelter and food and a great life, but room to run and be a horse in a herd - to live out their lives as naturally as possible.

I'm running a promotion during the month of February 2013 to help feed these horses. (Melanie and Jim are currently caring for 52 horses, as well as an assortment of dogs and other critters that need help.) Purchase a copy of THE GIRL WHO REMEMBERED HORSES anytime during February and my publisher will hold back my royalties to be donated to Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary.

In a world that has forgotten the ancient bond between horses and humans, can one girl's dreams make people remember?

Part of the inspiration for this book was the fate of not only modern horses, but wondering what would happen to all equines in the event of a huge, apocalyptic event, caused by either nature or man. The Girl Who Remembered Horses is a fictional account of what might happen in the future.

But Melanie and Jim Bowles are two very real people who have devoted their lives, day in and day out, to helping horses in dire predicaments.

So if you've had a hankering to read The Girl Who Remembered Horses, now is a great time! Any February sales worldwide from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Musa Publishing, iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo, or any other legitimate outlet will count, and my royalties will go to feeding the horses of Proud Spirit.


Francesca Prescott said...

Linda: I just bought a copy :) Great cause, and thank you.

Mare said...

I read Melanie's books. It's amazing what they've been able to do.

Linda Benson said...

Thank you, Cesca! Hope you enjoy it. And Missy, yes I agree. Melanie's books are quite inspirational. They inspired me to help!

Laura Crum said...

What a great idea. And yes, I do keep my good horses all their lives. I totally admire wonderful people who step up to rescue horses in need, but my biggest plea is that ALL horse owners keep their good horses and retire them when their using days are done. Rescues cannot absorb all the horses who are no longer "useful," no matter how hard they try. It is up to horse owners to do the right thing.

Linda, can I buy your book in print? I've been waiting and waiting. I want to read it with my son and we still don't read digital copies (I know, I'm old-fashioned).

Linda Benson said...

Laura - I do have some promotional print copies available. Email me linda (at) for details. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Melanie's rescue ranch was in Florida before moving to Ga. I read her book and found it very touching and sometimes sad. I am so glad to see her still doing the good work.