Saturday, December 13, 2014

From our horse, er, house to yours

By Snoopy
As told to Gayle Carline

Hello, my name is Snoopy and I am a horse. I live in a barn with other horses, including my mom. I have another mom, Gayle. I call her MomToo.

Every year MomToo gets all of her people and animals together and I hear clicking noises. Then everyone talks about a Christmas picture and asks her about a letter. I guess she writes about us and what we did all year.

Nobody ever asks me to write a letter. Here is what I would say if they did:

This year was fun. I got to eat hay every morning and every night. It was good. Auntie Niki and MomToo rode me. Auntie Niki is better at it. MomToo says that's because she's a trainer. I don't know what that word means, but I know she has real good balance and doesn't pull on my face.

MomToo tries hard, though. Sometimes it's fun to get an idea in the middle of my lesson and try to run. I think it's funny, but MomToo never laughs.

I also think it's funny to grab the halter away from MomToo and shake it. Most things are fun to grab and shake. MomToo gets kinda mad sometimes, but I know she loves me.

This year we went to horse shows. I tried my best, even when there was interesting things to look at, or when I was tired. I like shows. Sometimes I try to say hello to the judges while I'm being ridden around the arena. Sometimes they put trees on the course and I try to eat them. It all makes me happy.

Our last show was a special one. I showed every day for the judges. MomToo and I were very tired, but when I heard the judges say we were Top 20, it was good. I got lots of treats and MomToo got lots of shiny stuff.

The only thing missing was that I wish I had more apples and carrots and peppermints. I never have enough of those.

I don't know much about Christmas and people holidays, but I know that this is the time of year when I get candy canes. So I wish you all Happy Candy Canes Month!


Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

I just love Snoopy. He's my kind of guy!

Alison said...

Thank you Snoopy for such a great letter! i think you need to be trying your hand, er, your hoof, at a novel.