Saturday, February 21, 2015

Too Cold to Play by Alison Hart

A wintery departure from posts of love and loss, this one is simply about COLD and SNOW. Virginia escaped miserable weather until this last week when temperatures plunged and we've had two storms. I know, Colorado and California, you have had some record highs. And I shouldn't complain because poor Boston and Maine are completely snow-covered with minus degree temperatures. Really, I don't mind the cold and snow too much except the little dogs have a hard time and we don't get out to play.

At 65, my main exercise is walking -- many times a day. I have shoveled small pathways for Fang and Ziggy but their tiny exposed paws and less-than great jackets just don't protect them. They rush to do their business and then rush back inside.  I walk down to do the horses, who are protected by a super big shed with a forever-running stream. I brush off the snow, check packed hooves, feed extra hay and then trudge home. My grown up kids still sled and snowboard, so they play when it snows.  I'm not sure what happened to my sense of play. Old age, I guess, but I do miss those walks.

There is plenty to keep busy during bad weather, so I can't complain about not having to leave to go to work. Work is also at home with a new book to research, items to put on Ebay and taxes to organize so I am never bored.  But my feet itch to get outside and walk, so I may just have to strap on some snowshoes and head cross country by myself. Not my usual walk with the dogs, who will stay home snuggled on the sofa watching TV with my husband, and it's not playing in the snow, but still I'll be enjoying the gorgeous wintery day.

How are you spending your snow days?

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lmel said...

If you want to see what horses (and riders) do in 3 feet of snow, check out my February blog posts in Travels With Harley. It's been quite a winter here in Maine, and winter isn't over yet!