Saturday, June 7, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER: Maggie Toussaint

I'd like to welcome Maggie Toussaint, who has written a wonderful equestrian romance that involves a horse rescue farm. I've read this book so I can vouch for how good it is. Thanks for joining us today, Maggie.

Rescuing horses one book at a time
By Maggie Toussaint

The love of horses is an abiding emotion. It lodges in our hearts, a warm glow that transcends time and space, a powerful feeling that fills our emptiness.

I fell in love with horses as a child. Shetland ponies and quarter horses hauled me to the swimming hole and to the country store. They kept me out of trouble and taught me confidence.

School happened, then college, marriage, and children. So when my oldest daughter fell in love with horses, I understood her enchantment. I can’t begin to list how many hours I’ve spent at barns, at horse events, pulling trailers, soaking horse hooves, and so much more. When I had down time, I worked on my dream, that of becoming a published writer.

As with riding, publishing takes practice and untold hours in the saddle before the blue ribbons start appearing. Last year, I contracted my horse rescue farm book to The Wild Rose Press. I’m thrilled to be here at Equestrian Ink to share details about my recent release and the real life horse rescue charity it benefits, Days End Farm Horse Rescue (

In the story, Hope Farrier has rescued more horses than she can afford to keep. Devlin Temple’s goal of taking over the family firm is jeopardized by his cousin, a man who wooed Devlin’s fiancĂ©e into his bed. The link between these two strangers is Devlin’s mother, a terminally ill woman who’s determined to see her son and her friend achieve their goals of financial independence and leadership. To that end, she establishes a business partnership and unknowingly triggers a deadly enemy into action.

Horses are a mainstay of this book. Their actions and behaviors are integrated into the romance and suspense, adding impulsion to the fast-paced story. You’ll keep turning those pages because you want Hope’s farm to succeed and for Hope and Devlin to have their own happily-ever-after.

Plus, each sale of No Second Chance benefits Days End Farm Horse Rescue. Though this farm is located in Maryland, they help rescue of horses on both a regional and national basis. Be sure and visit their website to learn more about them and the fabulous horses that they have saved.

No Second Chance is available in print or ebook. Buy links are listed below. If you’ve got thirty seconds, click here to see the book trailer at YouTube.

Thanks, Equestrian Ink, for the opportunity to share my love of horses.

Maggie Toussaint
No Second Chance, ISBN 9781601541628, buy a book, help a horse
Print: Buy it at Amazon ebook: The Wild Rose Press or Kindle


Marly Mathews said...

Great post, Maggie! Your book No Second Chance sounds like a wonderful read and each sale benefits such a worthy cause! :)


Terry Odell said...

Thanks for this post, Maggie. Very interesting, and it's wonderful to share with a good cause.

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Marly!
Thanks so much for visiting the blog and leaving a comment. I value your opinion.

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Terry,
Happy Saturday to you! Thanks so much for dropping by and helping heighten awareness of horses who need our help.
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,

This looks like a wonderful book! I love horses, even though I really don't know that much about them. Hmm...perhaps that makes this a must read. :-)


Crystal said...

To everyone who thinks this sounds like a wonderful read, I can assure you it is! I was honored to have the opportunity to review Second Chances for CK2S Kwips & Kritiques recently.

Like many of the other posters, I was thrilled to see that the sale was benefiting a rescue organization for horses. Since I am active in dog rescue (bichon frise for the nationwide Small Paws Rescue group), this topic of caring for the animals who depend on us is near and dear to my heart.

Thanks again for spreading the word about rescue.. and for a great read too!


Mary Ricksen said...

I too got bit by the horse lovers bug. All my life I have felt a bond with the unique and intelligent animal that can share love just like your dog does. How great that you are involved with this wonderful cause. You have my respect. And Second Chance sounds like a keeper.

Diana Cosby said...

I think it's fabulous that each sale of No Second Chance benefits Days End Farm Horse Rescue. What a wonderful cause. And, No Second Chance is a wonderful story. My sincere best to you in all of your endeavors! *Hugs*

Diana Cosby

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Dorothy,
I love horses too, which is why I am helping Days End Farm Horse Rescue. There is a lot of good horse info in No Second Chance. I hope you'll give it a chance.

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for your unflagging support! I love that this story is special for you - as it is for me. Your "recommended read" has been a godsend.

Horses are special, and we should take care of them.


Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you for your kind words and for loving horses.

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Diana,
Thanks so much for dropping in! I'm excited to be helping horses and hope that others will want to help as well. (By the way, anyone that wants to make a direct contribution to the horse farm, please go directly to their website:

I appreciate your comments and support, Diana.


Diana Cosby said...

I didn't know you were around horses so much as a child. While I lived in Adak, Alaska, I worked at a riding stable on the weekends. :)

Diana Cosby

Hywela Lyn said...

I enjoyed your post Maggie, and I have bought your book to take with me when I go to my homeland of Wales to look after my sister's home and horses while she is away. I have loved horses all my life, have two of my own and recently said farewell to my old mare who passed away at the grand old age of 33 and who I have immortalised in my story for the Wild Rose Press'Muse' series.

I am really looking forward to reading 'No Second Chance and such a generous gesture to raise money for such a worthy cause.


Maggie Toussaint said...

Diana - I didn't know you had a riding background! That is so cool.


Maggie Toussaint said...


How lovely to have you stop by! I am flattered that you are taking No Second Chance with you to horse-sit.

I am thrilled to be connected to such a worthy enterprise as a horse rescue farm. I was on the board of a therapeutic riding center for a number of years and that was very rewarding. Seeing the spiritual hearing that took place as ill children connected with horses touched my heart.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to write a book about that too...

Thanks for stopping by, my friend.


Maryannwrites said...

Nice post, Maggie. The fun of visiting blogs is learning more about folks. I'm a great horse lover and for my 65th birthday, the family is going on a trail ride.

Also nice to be directed to this blog site. I've read a couple of Kit's books and like them a lot. Will have to check out these other stories with horses.

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Maryann,
Thanks for visiting the blog. I'm glad you saw some familiar faces here and I hope you try the books featured. There seems to be quite a pool of horse talent here.

Congrats on having achieved the grand age of 65, and of wanting a family trail ride to celebrate. You sound like one spunky lady!

Best wishes, Maggie

Maggie Toussaint said...

One more thought from Maggie.

I'm chatting over at Night Owl Romance ( in their LIVE chat room on Monday, June 9, at 8pm eastern daylight time, along with a group of my pals, the authors of Sweeter Romantic Notions.

There will be 10 books given away, including a copy of No Second Chance. All you need to do is show up and participate. With 10 books up for grabs, your chances of winning are very good.

The chat lasts for 2 hours. I don't know how the giveaway will be structured, but come on over and have fun with us!


Anonymous said...

Maggie, it is a wonderful deed to donate the sales from Second Chance to rescuing horses. Second Chance sounds like a great read.

Noda Marie

A.K. Alexander said...

Wonderful post and what a great thing you're doing! I look forward to reading the book. Thabnks for joining us.


Maggie Toussaint said...

Thanks for your comments, Noda and Michelle. Its been a pleasure to be here.