Friday, January 6, 2012

Breyer World

Big Bro with Little Sis with just a few of the Breyers
My little girl is all about horses. She lives and breathes horses. If she isn't with the pony or at school, she is in her room with her world of Breyer horses.

Watching her play with those models brings back so many fond memories from when I was a kid and used to do the same thing. I could be in my room by myself with those models for hours. I made up all sorts of stories that fueled my imagination. Sadly, when I went away to college my mom packed up the model horses and put the box in the garage. There were a couple of little girls who lived up the street and they discovered that box when they came down to visit the live horses living there. My dad told them that they could play with the models. I guess they interpreted that as play with them in their room at home because they all disappeared over time. That really stings now with the investment I have in the models I buy for Kaitlin. I would have loved to have given those models to my daughter. But I do hope those girls had as much fun as I did with the models.

Now that Kait has a bazillion of them and her room seemed to be shrinking, my husband built her a loft bed over the holiday break so that she had more room to play. He also built her a twelve stall barn with cross-ties and everything to boot. He is still working on getting electrical into the miniature barn. You walk into the room and Kaitlin has it all set up. She has a cross country course, arenas, pens for special horses and the barn stalls for the really special ones.

I have to admit that at first I frowned a bit. Let's face it, with age comes a desire to have your house in order and with all those models and jumps, etc on the floor in her room it isn't exactly the original vision I had for a sweet little girl's room. But after watching her and listening to her create stories around her model horses, I came to realize I wouldn't have it any other way. The facts are that Kait is going to grow up and go to college in only 7 short years. I know how quickly that time goes as I have teenage sons--oops, only one now. The other one is twenty! With that perspective in mind, I look around at the horse world now created in my daughter's room and I realize that I wouldn't have it any other way.


P.S. My skills are quite lacking as a camera person and my cold doesn't do much for my voice, but if you would like to take a look into the Breyer World in our house then please check it out.


Laura Crum said...

This post took me right back to my childhood. I LOVED my Breyer horses when I was a kid. Unfortunately, unlike your daughter, I didn't have my own horse at the time. I've remedied that (I've owned real horses non-stop since I was 15), but I still remember the names of my Breyer horses.

Linda Benson said...

This was me, too! I didn't have such an elaborate set-up as Kaitlin, but I never enjoyed playing with dolls growing up. Only farm sets, and barns with animals, and horses and more horses.

Thanks so much for sharing, Michelle. And yes, she'll outgrow all of this way too soon, so kudos to you for letting her enjoy her Breyers, and her childhood.

jenj said...

So cute! As a child, my setup was not nearly as elaborate as your daughter's, but I do remember my mom being more than a little upset when I started bringing sawdust from my dad's workshop into my room to use as shavings!

What a beautiful video, thank you for sharing!

Mikey said...

That video is so great! We are living parallel lives, cause we have the some of the same horses, same pens, same NAMES, I nearly fell out of my chair!
I liked Poker Joe too, I know of that horse :) That's Tommie Turvey's best horse, am I right?
Your girl and mine would go crazy together. I'll have to show her this video :) Brought back lots of memories for me too :)
Tell Kait thank you very much for showing us that. It was beautiful!!

Dreaming said...

I am loving the you don't get lost!
What fun! Of course, I was another Breyer junkie... but only had a few. What I wouldn't have given for 'the' barn!! Wow!

Terri Rocovich said...

Michele, so cute. K is a bit obcessed but of course we have no idea where that comes from! I loved the video, I think there is nothing better than being a horse crazy little girl with countless breyer horses and her own pony. Exactly how we both grew up.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Awesome world! I had Breyer horses when I was little and loved to play with them and my Barbie dolls. They were Arabian princesses and racehorses etc. but never had any of the barns or fittings like that. WOW!

Alison said...

When Kait is older, her collection (if she can part with it) will help fund a car or a real horse!

RiderWriter said...

I still have several of my Breyers, and can also tell you which ones are missing (my Pally 5-Gaiter, for starters... grrr). I also have my favorite non-Breyer model, Silver, as in the Lone Ranger's mount. I adored him because he had JOINTED LEGS and could actually look like a jumper over fences! Oh, yes, many happy hours spent with those models. Thanks for the memories and Kait is a very lucky young lady to have all them AND a real pony! (I never did and am still waiting for a horse, alas)