Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye to a Banner Year and Resolutions for the New One.

By Terri Rocovich

2011 was a banner year for me in more ways than I can count. My training and teaching business has never been healthier, my horses are healthy and happy,

my students achieved many of their goals, and

my amazing niece (who will soon be 25 and it seems like yesterday that she was 9) completed her first One Star Event.

I bought a new "horse of my dreams" - Uiver

and I made a check off my bucket list by going to Kenya.

In addition to all of the horse related joys in 2011 it was also a great year for family, friendships and just enjoying life. I guess that one of the benefits in getting older (I turned 53 just before Christmas) is that you finally realize that it is the simple things than bring the greatest joy and, when you give to others or animals you receive love and satisfaction back tenfold. That is one of the things I love about my job. I get to be a mentor and second parent to my students and not only receive the gift of their love and respect in return but also the gratitude and friendship of their parents. There are times that I complain to myself that I have little privacy, I don't set clear enough boundaries and rarely get a true day off, but when I weigh the positives and the positive impact I can have on my students it is all worth it and then some.

We all know that family can drive us crazy, and I am no different, but I am blessed with 2 sisters who support my every venture and love me unconditionally. Knowing I was going to super nervous, my sister Marta came down and spent the entire weekend of my first show with Uiver just hanging out and keeping me grounded.

So what about 2012, how will anything ever top this past year?? Who knows but all I can do is make my resolutions, plan and of course, dream big. OK so here goes -

Resolutions for 2012

1)Get better organized. My office more often than not looks like a paper bomb has gone off in it. I am open to any and all suggestions on how to make this happen. Of course there are not enough hours in the day, but I often waste time and spin my wheels looking for something buried under "to do" piles of paper. Please for those of you with God given organization skills - HELP!!!

This also includes organizing my time. I am notorious for double and even triple booking myself and over-committing myself at times to the point of burn out. The first part of 2012 is no exception. Between training, shows, speaking at the USPC Annual Meeting, The USPC National Examiners meeting and paperwork for taxes, I basically don't have a day off until April. Yikes!!!! I don't think ahead enough and always think I can do more than each day allows. Any suggestions? Perhaps commitment therapy? or maybe I should just be committed.

2)Finish my book!!!!! Michele is holding my feet to the fire on this one. She has reviewed much of what I have written so far, has given me great advice and bugs me daily about how many pages have I written. I am so grateful for this, even if it is overwhelming at times.

3) Continue my journey with Uiver. We have another show in a few weeks at Prix St. George and have started working on 2 tempis (change of lead every 2 strides) which is the next step we need for Intermediare. This isn't a resolution really, it is a joy (or for those of you who remember Disneyland in the old days - an E ticket ride) every time I ride him. Whether we go up another level or not, it is all good and I couldn't love him more.

4) Volunteer. Now, I am not quite sure how I will find the time to fit this in, perhaps when I get better organized, but I am so blessed in my own life I feel that I should be giving back more. I tried volunteering for the Humane Society a few years ago but would drive home every time in tears because I couldn't take them all home, so now I just donate. But either by helping at a homeless shelter or maybe Habitat for Humanity, I plan to do something.

5) Spend a few minutes each day just counting my blessings. I have made a conscious effort over the past several years to be more positive and to take each day as it comes. As we all know, this is easier said then done on some days but every year I resolve to keep up the process. For me it is like personal growth training. I believe in karma, the concept of "paying it forward", the power of faith and positive thought and with all the good things that happened in 2011 I have to believe it all works.

Like Alison mentioned in her post on Saturday, I wonder why I am so fortunate when so many others are enduring tough times. I don't want to tempt fate or seem ungrateful to the powers that be, so I will simply remain keenly aware and appreciative of my good fortune and, as always, pay it forward when I can.

What are your resolutions for 2012???


Laura Crum said...

Congratulations on all you have accomplished in 2011, Terri! May 2012 be an equally rewarding year for you. And I, too, subscribe to the paper bomb theory of desk organization, with the corresponding shuffle through all the piles to find what is needed, so I will be no help to you there (!)

Anonymous said...

Most people who read this will think I'm nuts but when you asked for help organizing your office I actually rubber my hands together and said "oh goody"! First is this your personal home office, your business (training, teaching)office or a combination of both?

My best organizing advice is get tough and toss. If you are hanging on to papers from 2008 unless they are tax returns or worth a substantial amount of money toss 'em!

If I lived anywhere near you I'd dig right in but I'm not close enough.

Terri Rocovich said...

Thanks Laura for your warm wishes. In response to your "Thankful" post, I don't think your life is boring or dull at all. You live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, travel to some of the other ones and have a great family. You have the most important and exciting job any woman can have - being a Mom! (Not to mention publishing something like 19 books).

I am glad that mine is not the only office that just can't seem to go paperless.

Terri Rocovich said...

1sthorse- Boy, do I wish you were closer too. I took your advice and started digging in yesterday, and made a little dent. My office is a personal/business combo. Luckily or unluckily it is a big space and I have plenty of shelves and file drawers but it is just getting the time to apply some sort of logical order to it all. When I do get a little bit of time, like yesterday, I am quickly overwhelmed by the enormity of the task.

The only true days off I get is when it is raining too hard to ride. The next big storm, I am shutting myself in my office with a box of chocolate for motivation and not coming out until it is done. Any organizational systems you suggest?

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing as 1sthorse! I would set some time aside and clean. Maybe promise yourself a treat at the end so you want to finish. I love your blog!

Terri Rocovich said...

Wild Horse. I am going to try the reward system. I am setting aside this Sunday afternoon and working for 3 horses, at the end I am treating myself to a hot fudge Sunday ar ColdStones. (Yes I am very motivated by food even if I have to spend hours on the treadmill afterward.) I am so glad you love the blog, I will keep you posted on my progress.

Alison said...

Volunteering is a great thing to put on your list. I volunteer with Court Appointed Special Advocates, but it is a big commitment. Sometimes it has to wait when you do have time, otherwise it can become stressful and a burden. So continue to give to the SPCA--a super-worthy cause! And you probably do more for your students than you think, which to me is terrific time spent.

1sthorse--do you live near VA? I need you and your organizational skills, too!