Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life after Horses

I'm going on one month in my life without horses. Well at least life without a horse to ride. I certainly have a horse in my barn, and she's eating me out of house and home.

Regardless, as I've mentioned previously, I've been taking dressage lessons and riding since I was about 20 with maybe a year break in there. So this is a big change to me, but I'm surviving quite well, thank you.

Yes, there was a moment earlier this week when the bug bit me again. I started searching for horses online and looking for a bargain. Then I reined myself in and stopped looking. Buying a horse is not in my near future. I'm not sure it's in my distant future. Despite the economy, good horses in this area are still relatively expensive. Even worse, I've become a coward in my "old" age. I want a dead-broke, bomb-proof horse. Most bargains are not in that category. Nor do I want an "older" horse. After all, I have one of those, and I'm not running a retirement home for geriatric horses than can't be ridden.

As a result, it didn't take much convincing for me to close those horse for sale sites and get back on the straight and narrow. My money expenditures will go towards updating eighteen-year-old house which still has the original carpets. I spent part of my last royalty check on a very nice office set for my library so I can write in peace. My poor hubbie is somewhat hard of hearing and a TV addict, which makes it hard to concentrate on writing.

So my current projects revolve around updating my library/writing space and saving money for hardwood floors in the great room. Oh, and of course, writing, always writing. I'm working on a couple different books right now, which should be published this year.

My horse magazines sit unread on the coffee table. In fact, I've let at least two the subscriptions lapse. My saddle and bridles a collecting dust in my tackroom. My riding clothes and boots are put away for another time.

Life is busy, and I don't have much time to mourn the loss of riding. Yet. I suspect in a year or so, I'll be "chomping at the bit" to get back on a horse. I guess time will tell.


Nancy Di Fabbio said...

I, too, have horses that I don't ride, although at least some of them can still be ridden. I supposed I could hop on my good old Quarter horse, but at 27, he deserves to enjoy life as a beloved lawn ornament. I haven't ridden much in the last three years, thanks to my poor judgment. My little Morgan dumped me when I failed to remind him that I was the herd leader and therefore entitled to set the pace. That resulted in 2 herniated discs which ended my riding for a while.

Last June, I decided to hop on my 17H TB who hadn't been worked in a while and hadn't even been turned out that day. Gulp, what was I thinking? Oh that's right; I wasn't. Anyway, precious Beau has been known to rear and rear he did. I dropped like a box of rocks, cracking 2 ribs. Okay, more down time.
Now that spring is on the horizon, I do feel an urge to ride, but I think I'll sign up for some lessons on a tried and true schoolhorse to regain my courage, strength, and quick reflexes. After that, I'll probably throw caution to the winds and hop back on Beau and Trinity. Say a prayer for me!

Francesca Prescott said...

Jami, I know that niggly "I'll just take a look at what's online" feeling. But seriously, it sounds like you're really focused on writing, and that's really good. I'm proud of you, and you're a good writer, so go for it. You can always fly over here and ride Qrac :)

Laura Crum said...

Jami--I know you took Gailey for a trail ride last fall. Is she not sound enough for that now--or is it just that trail riding doesn't interest you? I don't train or show any more and don't miss it, but I still enjoy riding a couple of times a week, and trail rides suit me very well. Its sort of like a low stress/low expense horse fix. And I really love contemplating the woods/beach from the back of my trusty little steed.

In any case, I'm sure you are focusing on what brings you joy right now--and that's good.

White Horse Pilgrim said...

You're more disciplined than I am. It took two months from retiring my old horse to buying a young mare from another country.