Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Zenyatta does it again!

By Linda Benson (aka Zenyatta fan girl.)

Zenyatta catches us by surprise once again. No, not coming from far, far back with her tremendous long stride to pass all the other horses and win race after race: 19 out of 20 to be exact. But since her retirement and subsequent change of career (hey - motherhood is the most important job!) she has now foaled her second son. Last night, on Zenyatta's ninth birthday (April Fool's Day, no less) she waited until almost midnight to drop this strapping chestnut colt, by the sire Tapit.

I am not sure who to credit for this picture. It was obviously someone who was right there after the birth, and this great shot made the rounds of social media almost immediately last night. Isn't sharing wonderful? It makes you feel like you were almost right there, watching the little guy stand for the first time. (So thank you, picture taker, whoever you are!)

Here is the official baby picture, posted this morning, with the announcement from Zenyatta.com:

Of course, now all bets are on for the color he will be (Tapit is a grey.)

I'm guessing that he'll turn grey too. What do you all think?


RiderWriter said...

*SQUEEEE!!!* I was so excited when I saw this on FB this morning. I had just said last night to MY son, "Gee, I wish Zenny would have her baby today on her own birthday." Leave it to the Queen to do it at the last minute, LOL!

I think that with that much white on his dear little face, Z13 might well grey out. It sure will be fun watching! About the only thing he has in common right now with his big brother is Momma's ears, I do think... :-)

Linda Benson said...

RiderWriter - I adore those long red eyelashes of his, too. What a sweetie he is. And yes, he looks so much different than his older sibling!

Alison said...

Thank you for posting this! I have not kept up. Zenyetta is still GORGEOUS after two babies!

Linda Benson said...

She does look great, doesn't she, Alison? I believe motherhood agrees with Zenyatta. And from the pictures I've seen, she seems like such a good mother!

Laura Crum said...

I am no expert on color, but I have noticed over the years how many grey horses have papers that say bay or sorrel. It's clear that when they were registered the owner did not know they were grey. How would you tell?