Sunday, November 10, 2013

And the WINNER is . . . . !!!

Cindy D, you have won a  copy of Darling Mercy Dog of World War I. 

Fang picked your slip of paper out of her bowl -- I swear it was not rigged and she did not think that it spelled CANDY instead of CINDY (she's a much better reader than that.)  I would take a photo of her with your entry in her mouth but she swallowed it. Anyway, congrats!

However, anyone who entered is also a winner if you would like to read and review Darling on your blogs. Horse lovers are usually dog lovers, and this is definitely a dog book for young and old.

Please email me at the address below (cleverly in code so spammers can not find me) CINDY THE BIG WINNER and anyone else who would like a copy to review and make sure you put your real name and address in the email. I promise no promotional materials or yard sale items will be included when I send the book. The copy will be sent media mail and the post office does take its time.  I believe the Pony Express was faster.


Thank you all for entering!

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