Friday, November 29, 2013

Giving Thanks

I know this is not a very original post since we just finished Thanksgiving here in the states, but it seems that I and my family are blessed and I need to spend time reflecting on all the things that make life so wonderful.

My family, of course!  We show love in many way, especially lots of teasing and bad jokes that others could find offensive. My kids still love to be with us and have found boyfriends and girlfriends who fit in as well.
We enjoy vacations and holidays that are filled with laughter though not much in the way of intellectual
discourse. Apples to Apples is as sophisticated as we get!

My animals, always!  Our family has never been without animals. They are an important part of our
life even with the cold morning feedings and walks and the occasion poop or throw up accident.  Ziggy and Fang, Relish and Bell, and Chuck (the cat) require constant attention. But what would life be without them? I am thankful I do not have to find out. Too many people must make that choice due to economy, weather, health or a change in their living situation.

The bounty of my life! My class just finished reading
I am Nujood Age 10 and Divorced, which is a memoir about a young girl living in Yemen.  Poverty, lack of education, and laws and religion create a living environment that is horrible for women.  For some lucky reason, I was born in the United States where all things are truly possible. I was blessed with a good family, a good brain and good health which helped me make choices that have brought me great happiness. I am thankful for all that was given to me and I wish that ALL children in the world could be so blessed.

What are you thankful for?  I'd love to hear.  Happy Thanksgiving all!
PS. I picked a winner for my book who did not respond. I hope that person goes back to the post and checks for her name!


Laura Crum said...

I am thankful for much of the same things, Alison. My family, our animals, our home...these things make me very happy. Like you, I sometimes find that my life is all about "critter care," but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Francesca Prescott said...

Alison, like you, I feel so lucky to live where I do and live the life that I live. And so what about the random dog puke on the carpet! And I love that Leo (my Cavalier King Charles) snores so loud we can barely hear the TV! I love having my children around, and being silly with them, and yes, telling rude jokes!

Alison said...

Laura and Cesca--humor is so important for that 'critter care' and dog puke.

Cesca-- I laughed at the image of your dog snoring so loudly you can't hear the TV!