Saturday, May 31, 2014

Same stuff, different day

By Gayle Carline

Once again, you've caught me away from the computer, at the L.A. Equestrian Center. With any luck, I'll be showing Snoopy this morning at the Lights, Camera, Action Horse Show. I love the horse show environment, especially now that I just do it for fun. Will we win? Who knows. Will I have a good time? You bet!

While I'm out and about, I'm happy to announce the release of my newest book, MURDER ON THE HOOF. It's available on Kindle and in paperback. You can go here to buy it -

Or, go here to enter a contest to win a free copy -

OR, go HERE to enter a contest to win a free copy and something much bigger (hint: like, a Kindle Paperwhite) -

In the meantime, it's Saturday. Go ride your ponies!

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