Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ten Signs of Spring (in Virginia)

We are all experiencing some kind of spring, but my ten signs have "Virginia" in the title since the country is experiencing such weird weather. California is in drought and fire mode, so spring in Laura's neck of the woods may be summer already. I know her photos showed off her flowers long ago.  Spring in Florida has come and gone, and hot weather is setting in.  Spring in the north has been slow to arrive, and I hope all you 'northerners' are not getting too impatient.

Spring in Virginia has also been late, and we've had enough cold snaps that figs and hydrangeas have died and the peach buds are in jeopardy. But in David Letterman form, here are my top ten signs of spring:

10)  Muck boots have replaced galoshes and ice grippers.  I love my
muck boots, but they are treacherous going down a wet, grassy hill. Plus, urbanites turn up their noses at their unstyle.

9) Flowers, flowers, flowers!!! My favorite part of spring. It's been cool and wet and the columbine especially is having a field day.

8) The flies are back. Winter means blissful bug-free rides and horse maintenance. The damp weather has spawned biting gnats (ears) and annoying face flies.  I still haven't found a product that works more than one day, except for face masks.

7) Horse hair is everywhere: my mouth, my arms and the bottom of the stalls. Worse, my horses appear to roll every day, and currying off the mud is ridiculously awful. I only do it when I know I have to shower and wash my hair.

6) Garden chores are a never-ending to do list.  The poison ivy needs spraying since we are all allergic. The thistles need digging up.  The beds need edging. The bushes need trimming. The grass needs mowing.  The
peaches need pruning. The onion grass . . . you get the idea.

5) Yard sales are rampant and totally addicting.  Stop going!  Ignore them! Don't stop!
 Be selective!  Yes, I tell myself all these things each time I see a sign or a yard spread with crap priced at 25 cents.  My van automatically veers into the driveway.  Smokers, I get it now.  I have never had an addictive personality until I discovered great, old treasures that can be found at flea markets, auctions, estate sales . . . It's the excitement of finding that cool duck decoy (signed) or carousel gum ball machine among the baby clothes and paperbacks.

4)  Re: yard sales. Spring also means my office (and storage unit) are spilling over with sh&*.  Wasn't I suppose to clean it up and clear it out this winter???

3) Spring veggies!  Lettuce, spinach and peas, OMG!  Our family loves salads. No more bagged lettuce from Chile!

2) Spring brings ticks. Lyme disease is always on my mind (since I don't want to lose my mind.)  We have a deer herd that spends time in our woods and pastures. I love them, but not the ticks they hang around with.  The dogs get vaccines and have powerful tick meds. Us humans??? Nothing.  I have a ready supply of antibiotics in case one latches on and I don't find it right away even though I am vigilant.

1) And the top  reason I know that spring is here?  Spending  lots of time outside with friends, family, nature and animals. I don't hibernate in the winter; in fact, I walk every day in the rain and snow. But some of those walks were tough. Spring is the most joyous time to be outside.  And I am taking full advantage of these gorgeous days!

What is your top sign of spring? Horse shows? Baby chicks?  Mud? Please share!


lytha said...

One of the things I miss most about America - yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, thrift shops!

Anonymous said...

Spring onions and wild asparagus! I eat them dozens of ways when they're in season.

Laura Crum said...

Spring is turning to summer here right now. The meadows are changing from green to gold.

I guess my most reliable sign of spring is the daffodils--but they are a February event here. May is the month when we change from spring to summer--in coastal California.

Alison said...

Lytha, come visit in the spring! You will get your fill.

redhorse, I wish I had asparagus. My son is cultivating a patch.

Laura, I figured you were in summer mode. Is the drought affecting you?

Laura Crum said...

Well, the drought is affecting everyone in various ways--price of hay...etc. It isn't affecting me too badly...yet. I don't have a large lawn, nor do I wash my beat up ranch truck, so some of the things that people are asked to abstain from just don't bother me.

Unknown said...

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