Friday, August 8, 2014

Vacation! (Almost There)

Hat, Loads of Lotion and a Good Book
Yes, that will be me soon. We leave for a week at Emerald Isle, NC, tomorrow. I am imagining myself relaxing at the beach even though the forecast is rain. But imagine I will (she said with determination.)

I had to go to Google images and find a photo of me at the beach since I am not there yet, and not one was of a pale, bandy-legged lady. Most were of gorgeous teens in bikinis and hunks in Speedos, and I know you would not be fooled.  One day I will have to change the photo on my website, but right now I am enjoying looking at myself ten years younger.  

As all of you know, getting ready for a vacations is stressful. Our kids are grown (but coming with us with their significant others) and it is easier this year than when they were little but leaving the garden, cat and horses gives me indigestion.   Fortunately the dogs go with us with their beds, bowls and leashes, but the poor cat has to stay home (and he does get lonely!) and of course, the horses, too, since I have not braved camping with them as Laura and others have done.

This year was harder finding someone to 'house/animal' sit, but I am feeling fine about the arrangement.  I would rather have responsible/reliable than an experienced horse person, because responsible wins out for me.  The gals coming are not horse people, but I have made the horses' care almost foolproof.  And of course, I have a horse friend and vet 'on call' in case there is an emergency.   By foolproof, I mean the sitters really don't even need to go in the pasture with the horses.  Water tub will need to be cleaned and grain buckets picked up, but they can do that once the horses have finished eating and moved off.  I always forget how uneasy non-horse people can be around horses, and I wanted this to be stress free for the humans.  My horses are hardy, plus the pasture is lush, there's a run-in shed for storms and trees for shade.

In prep, I bathed Relish and Bell, cleaned all buckets and tubs, secured all gates, put feed in the garage, not the barn, and dabbed the horses with a dose of two week  fly repellent.  The sitters know to call my horse friend if something seems odd, or a horse looks injured. Hopefully, they will recognize either.

So tomorrow my family is off for a week at our favorite beach where I will be relaxing and finally writing my
book . . . but that's another post.

Before you head off for your own vacation, what gives you indigestion? And BTW--enjoy the last weeks of summer!


Laura Crum said...

Having gone on vacation both with and without my horses, I can attest to the fact that either way it's a huge hassle. Often worth it, but a huge hassle, and always a worry. This year we only did a quick overnight trip, and though I do miss our longer ventures, in a way, it's more relaxing to stay home. But I hope you have an absolutely wonderful (and very relaxing) time, Alison.

alison said...

Plus don't you feel like 'home' is the most beautiful place? I think those of us who live in the country are blessed with a vacation-like setting all the time.

Laura Crum said...

Yes, I feel exactly as you say. I sometimes stop and think, where would I rather be than here? And it's hard to come up with an answer. I do think it's like a permanent vacation, living in a nice place in the country--only with chores. I guess that's the big difference--someone else does the chores when you're on vacation. But I like my regular chores, so yeah---all in all, I'm very OK with staying home.