Friday, October 15, 2010

Inspiration from Secretariat

My mom and I went to see the movie Secretariat, which we both loved. When I came out of the theater, I kept wondering where I was during his incredible Triple Crown win, and why hadn't I remembered actually watching the races? The movie inspired me in many ways, and I couldn't believe that 'way back then' I wasn't aware of the story behind his rise to fame. I was certainly old enough and horse-crazy enough, and maybe I did follow his races and my ancient memory simply doesn't remember. However, I do know that I was not aware of Penny Chenery's story and how one flip of a coin, a different trainer and/or a less determined owner could have kept Secretariat from becoming the greatest horse ever.

Seabiscuit's story is similar. If trainer Tom Smith had not seen a spark of brilliance in the scrawny horse, Seabiscuit probably would have ended up like his brother, who was raced pretty much to death.

Another present day story shows the fickle fate of life. Go to for the story of a Missouri woman who rescued a great great granddaughter of Secretariat from a killer auction. Again, it was a magical act of curiosity, intuition and fate that saved this beautiful mare.

Inspiring stories, all three, and I can relate them to my writing life as well. Luck, fate, determination and finding that spark of brilliance in words on a page are all important for a career in this crazy business of being an author. Do you have a story of fate and inspiration?

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Terri Rocovich said...

Great post Alison, It is very sad that a horse like that would even be at a Killer auction but the great Ferninand, who won the Belmont, was slaughtered at the killer's in Japan after he was no lobger valued as a stallion. Does not speak well for humanity does it?? My little paint Hank was also purchased at a killer auction and I often think what would have happened had fate not intervened in his favor.