Saturday, September 6, 2014

Selfies by Alison Hart

I am not quite 'hip' with the selfie generation that seems enamored enough with themselves to FB, blog, tweet, twitter about their every move and now send out photos of themselves doing whatever -- in Jennifer Lawrence's case doing it nude.  But I have added a selfie of me and Fang (or is it I and Fang in this selfie world?) because she is so cute. Those of you who are getting older (like me) usually don't want to  see a photo of her/himself because of wrinkles and sagging skin, much less one of another old person, but here we are, Fang looking adorable and me looking grey:

 The selfie fits right in to this post because it is about me -- and my latest book, Murphy Gold Rush Dog, which is finally in my hand.  There is already a great review from Kirkus and since this is a post about selfish me, I get to brag that it was a good review with words like heart-wrenching and heart-warming and "An adventure-filled tale set within a fascinating period of history."    However make note that I am not tweeting, twittering or Face Booking this information --it is exclusively for Equestrian Ink (and there will be no nude selfies either.)

What is also exclusive is a giveaway to anyone at EQ Ink who would like  to review the book and post glowing comments on her/his own blog/FB page. You can even Tweet and Twitter about it.  It's not a horse book, but horse and dog loving seem to go together.  I would mail the book to you for FREE--note that FREE is in bold letters since that may be all you read as you skim this post.

 If you are interested, email me at  I will send it even if you don't think you will write glowing comments and I will especially send it if you have kids who would enjoy reading and sharing it with others.

Enjoy the rest of the summer weather and let's toast to a glorious fall!


Linda Benson said...

Alison - I would love to read it! Sending you an email.

Laura Crum said...

My son and I will read it and review it here. We've loved all of your books that we've read so far.

And I also loved your "selfie." I could not agree more with your sentiments on that subject. I have decided I'm done with photos of myself--either by me or anyone else. I will just keep posting older photos--they are so much more attractive. This getting older is not conducive to the whole selfie thing--at all. But you and Fang are adorable together.

And I have yet to meet a horse person who does not also like dogs.

Laura Crum said...

Oh, and for those who don't know, Kirkus was never inclined to handing out great reviews to just any book that came along--a great review from that source really means something.

Alison said...

Thanks Linda and Laura! Send me your addresses and I will send you guys books.

Laura, keep posting those 'young' photos and we'll pretend you never get old!

And everyone else--that is the wrong email address and I don't know how to edit a post once it is up. Laura? Linda?

Correct email:

Jennifer said...

I'd love to read an review it too and then pass it along. :-) I sent you an email. :-D

Unknown said...

I love your selfie! And your dog is just too adorable!

As for your book, it looks like a cute read my younger siblings might enjoy, I may have to snag a copy!